Welcome to my E-portfolio site, my name is Krystle Lee Pena. As a undergrad senior in New York City College of technology, I’ve learned to place my creativity in photography and design in a field that I feel gratified with, which is advertisement and design. I have become more proficient in Adobe design programs that have thus far been a great deal of help to me such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Growing up I always felt attracted and driven to the field of media. I always caught my self decorating, designing, and taking photos. It truly fascinated me and till this day still does. There isn’t a better feeling to me then to have the freedom to let my creative ideas run wild without boundaries.

Advertisement and design is a field that contains many talented people that bring tough competition. It’s a fact I’m well aware of and for is the competition that fuels me to put my all in everything that I do. Nothing in life comes easy but if it’s something that you truly want you have to chase after it and that is exactly what I’ve been doing and what I will keep on doing here at City Tech.