Week 13 – Until next time WPC

So today was my last day interning at Womens Press Collective. Well until they finish moving to the Bronx. I offered to still lend a helping hand once in a while even if it’s no longer required for a class. I think that will be a good way to spend my time if I have any to spare. Wpc is a great organization that has a meaningful mission. They help out communities put out messages that aren’t seen on tv by lending them a hand with the design aspect of posters, books, and so on. Bing that thy stand for so much I feel as my spare time there will be well spent and I use my skills for a positive cause. 

Today I had came in to help Lisa with some final packaging being that they will have complete the move by next week. I worked along side a long time volunteer named Danel. He’s been a part of WPC for about 10 years now. We had to sort through all the remaining magazine issue boxes and figure out which ones were being tossed out to recycling and which ones were being kept to take to the new location as well as a storage place. This required a lot of heavy lifting for only Danel and I. It was a pretty tedious assignment but we got it done and I didn’t break a nail :). We then took all the issues that were being recycled and prepared it for tomorrow’s truck pick up. 

I came in from 12pm to 4pm and we got all the boxes sorted out. I also had handed in my final paper work for internship so Lisa can sign off on it and she did, along with my evaluation which was a positive one. Overall I was tired I from all the lifting but Lisa really appreciated the extra hand and I’m glad I could be a part of the move which is the first since many years.