Week 3 – No luck yet, so ill keep on updating my portfolio

So after all that redesigning you would think I found an internship yet right? Nope, no luck yet. I applied to three more and I haven’t heard anything back yet but I know I’m close. What I’ve been focusing on this week is expanding my portfolio with more pieces. Throughout this week I’ve been looking through all my old usb’s and my computer drive. Every semester I tend to get a new usb so there is a ton of designs I actually forgot I even created. There are even designs I do have but are somehow missing links. Turns out all those links that have been missing were in package folders on my old usb drives.

So I have worked on organizing all my different designs. They range from photography, logos, advertising campaigns, stationaries, posters, newspapers, magazine spreads, business cards, book covers, and interactive designs. I just have to decide which ones are the best pieces to present and how in what layout. I rearranged my portfolio layout about 5 times, I guess I’m to indecisive. I’ll figure it out.