Week 5- Networking? Heck YEAH!

So today I showed the professor my updated work. I showed her my portfolio on Behance, resume and cover letter. She really liked the updated version of the resume and cover, there was no need to make any major changes. I just had to remove a couple sentences from the cover letter to make it straight to the point. She did say I have to work on my portfolio layout better but that the work was great.

So in class I decided to work on my layouts but I also decided to gain the curate to ask a class mate about his internship with Women’s Press Collective. The first class we ever had he told us about it and it gained my interest but I never thought about even asking him about it. This time I figured, why not! Whats the worse that can happen I get denied? Only one way to find out. I asked him about the internship and how i always found it interesting and he actually gave me the number to the supervisor. It was a long shot for me, but I called and turns out she gave me a shot! She told me a bit about her company and how it’s a volunteer organization that focuses on making the small communities gain a voice towards social issues that aren’t seen in the media. I told her a bit about myself and she told me to come for an orientation that saturday coming up. So yea everyone don’t be afraid to network, you never know what doors it will open.