Reflection #2 – What kind of designer am I?

Elementary school was the first time I was introduce to the arts. In the fifth grade I drew my first art piece out of pastel, which made it into the school show. It was then when I fell in love with the arts and design. I was able to create a design freely, it was something that others appreciated and enjoyed. I wasn’t sure what kind of design I enjoyed doing more up until high school. I enrolled in a media and communications high school where I learned photography, video and broadcasting. Throughout my time there I tested the waters. I even designed the drawing for the senior year t-shirts which was printed and given to each senior. Out of all the activities I became involved with photography quickly became my passion which lead me to win five awards.

It wasn’t till City Tech College under the communication design program that I was introduced to advertisement and graphic design. It was a completely different field for me that immediately became my new passion. Advertisement allows me to come up with concepts along with its mediums. It allows me to execute them through photography and graphic design. This became the perfect field for me because not many careers pay well to be creative. Many people underestimate design as a career path not understanding how rewarding and enjoyable it can be. Advertisement can persuade a consumer to purchase a product through good design but it can also have the power to bring awareness to an important issue. The designer has the power to catch the viewer’s attention if designed very well. As a designer you have the choice to design for good, for a cause, for fashion, or even a product. It all depends on the designer’s values and skill sets.

As a designer everyone has strong suits, it shows all through their design pieces. I consider mine to be photography, conceptualizing, and branding and identity. Photography gives me the ability to be original and make a photo speak a thousand words. It captures a moment that will last a lifetime. I decide the layout, the subject and the lighting that will make my view become a reality. Creating a meaningful concept gives me the ability to make my ideas matter and make my audience conjure emotions. Branding and identity allows me to create an identity for a campaign or individual from the very beginning stages to the final stages. I get to create something memorable that will hopefully leave an imprint on its viewers.

Even so, I consider myself a generalist designer, which is a person skilled in many different areas in the same industry. I have designed projects ranging from book covers, editorial, illustrations, posters, magazines, stationaries, billboards, branding and identity, logos to photography. My ultimate goal is to work as a junior or entry level designer for an advertisement agency or generalist studio. An advertisement agency handles accounts for iconic brands, which means that there will be great pay along with job stability. They also have bigger clients, which are names that would make a resume stand out. A generic studio would also be a great fit because it handles all things design although advertisement does not have a heavy presence, it’s a great opportunity to perfect or learn different skills without losing interest, which tends to be a bad habit for me.

In conclusion, I am a talented and motivated designer that is hungry to learn and eager to make constant improvement in order to reach greatness. Although I consider myself a generalist I still have many things to learn that I know I will once I start working in the actual field. I don’t consider myself a perfect designer but I have the talent and outgoing personality that I know will welcome opportunities.