Week 4 – The pressure is on!

Update guys, still NO INTERNSHIP. This has to be one of the most fustratiing things ever. Time is ticking and I haven’t heard back from any internships. I applied through indeed, way up,google and the class site. One of the problems is the fact that most fall 2017 internships have already started so they have closed their application period. There aren’t a lot of internships still taking applications, most of them are now taking applications for spring 2018. The professor has put the pressure on us to find one and she’s trying her best to give us any tips she can. Springily, I’m not the only student in class that hasn’t found one, 85% of the class actually hasn’t found one.

Everyone has always told me in this industry networking is one of the strongest approaches to get your foot in the door. Thats easier said then done. Its hard to build the right network and when you do, will it be another close door? Time to test it out and look for a different approach.