Week 9 – Essentials of Business Etiquette

A strong work ethic is vital for achieving any goal. It’s vital for getting a job and most definitely keeping one. It’s a set of moral principles a person along with their body language. People who possess a strong work ethic embody certain principles that guide their work behavior, leading them to produce high-quality work consistently and the output feeds the individual to stay on track. It is considered as a source of self-respect, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

Besides the faceless approach which is the resume and cover letter. It all begins with an individual’s first impression. If the individual walks in 15 minutes early or 15 minutes late, if the individual’s posture is slouched or up straight, and if the individual looks in the employers eyes or to the side. Presentation is everything and according to the book we also should not be giving unnecessary information or making ourselves appear more then we are. We should be supplying sufficient information, that is simple and direct. Providing all of that while being confident in what we can bring to the table whether that may be experience or someone who is eager to learn.

The book also gives tips on a proper business card. It tells us to only provide information that is enough for the reader to see or to take in. In the first two seconds, someone will glance at your business card and decide whether to be interested in you or not. You don’t want to overwhelm the viewer or potential employer with to much content and seem incompetent and unprofessional. I better to go simplistic, name, what you do (such as designer, architect, or photography), logo, and links to your work.  When it comes to links you must have excellent content. If not, it will make companies turn away and you will be left discouraged. Also the book states if you want to give someone your card, and the person has no asked for it, aks for his or hers. This makes it much easier to add, “oh, and here’s mine.”

Now after you have finally got your foot through the door you will have to maintain your work ethics to keep the job. You have to be constantly on your A game so you can remain in that position. In the book, it shows you the Worker’s 7 Deadly Sins that leads people unemployed and have no future.

  1. The first one is showing initiative. Are you going above and beyond? You have to constantly try to improve your work and try different way. You have to show your employer that you are bringing something to the table.
  2. The second one is for not paying attention to details. When people get comfortable in their work environment they tend to want to take the easy way out of things. That causes mistakes that causes major consequences.
  3. The third is not offering help. Lending a helping hand shows your a team player and when your in a situation where you may need help you can count on a hand in return. It also makes an environment more pleasent when everyone all works together. Who knows, a raise may come out of that as well as new skills.
  4. The fourth one is not staying current with changes in your profession. Its important to stay up to date and current in order to still be vaulable to your company. Take advantage of any trainings to help your skills grow.
  5. The fifth is not connecting with others. Its good to be friendly and welcoming to others. It makes the environment pleasent for everyone and can possibly bring on new opportunities. No one wants to work with someone who ignores them and doesnt smile. In a company everyone works together to get a job done.
  6. The sixth is not conveying enthusiasm for your job. If you like your job you have to show you do or another person will. Be a team player, stay late, come early, and put extra work in. You have to go the extra mile without complaints but with sincere joy.
  7. The last, seventh is not having a professional demeanor. Be aware of your verbal and non verbal communication. Speak properly, clearly and loudly enough to be heard. Be punctual, and show a confident image. If you have a professional image you can also gain trust.