restaurant review by Pete wills Brooklyn burger

Billy Durney, the Brooklyn restaurateur and pitmaster, has been talking for several years about the fried chicken that he planned to bring to Red Hook. At first, there was no reason to doubt him. That the man is comfortable with long time horizons was clear to anyone who watched how patiently he studied the science of indirect heat at his first establishment in the neighborhood, home town barbecue. After Hurricane Sandy flooded streets and knocked out power in the area shortly before the scheduled opening in 2012, he gave away smoked briskets, ribs and shoulders to local residents until electricity was restored almost three weeks later, honing his technique all the while. The years rolled by without a drumstick in sight. But as recently as March, it was still possible to take Mr. Durney at his word when he talked about the star attraction of his fried chicken to be called Red Hook Tavern. The doors were finally unlocked in July, revealing a row of tables under electrified gas lamps and a row of stools in front of a white-oak bar that looks as if it was built to last at least until Van Brunt Street sinks into the sea. Wearing wallpaper and wainscoting and pressed tin, red hook taven does a straight-faced impression of a whiskey-simmered New York corner bar of a certain age. the restaurant owner gave the people food during the hurricane in other to show that he can be trusted and also to attract more customers.  The restaurant page also had different foods which is a great way of advertsing and persuading the audience.

Short Story Rhetorical Analysis of “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant

Honesty is the best policy. In “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant, Mathilde and her husband lead a very simple life. Until one day, her husband, Mr.Loisel receives an invitation to a ball. Mathilde is very displeased to learn about this invitation as she has nothing “extravagant” to wear. Here is where Maupassant uses hyperbole irony, in order to have Mathilde seem as a greedy character. Once Mathilde has her dress and diamond necklace, on her way back from the ball is when she notices that she lost the necklace. The short story is formed around the loss of this diamond necklace. Mathilde and her husband had changed their lifestyles and had spent the next 10 years paying off the debt from replacing the necklace. The Loisel’s face conflict between paying off the debt and the characterization of Mathilde, this contributes to the themes seen in the story. Throughout this story, the author tries to tell us that we should be honest with people and that we must be grateful for what we have.

The characterization of Mathilde also helped to contribute to the overall theme. “One of those pretty charming girls, born by a blunder of destiny in a family of employees” (page 1). The author is being direct when he tells us that she was born into a family of destiny, and for this reason she feels she must live up to it. Characterization can be defined as the creation or construction of a fictional character. We can see as the story develops, how guilty and remorseful Mathilde feels.

The author uses characterization and hyperbole irony to get his point across. Hyperbole irony can be defined as when a character contradicts themselves extensively. A direct example of this was seen when Mathilde was displeased to receive an invitation to the ball. For 10 years, the Loisel’s lived miserably trying to pay off their debt. If Mathilde had just been honest, she wouldn’t have needed to buy a replacement for a fake necklace.

My Rhetorical Analysis of Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly

The argument can be made that identity is one of the most important concepts for human beings. If a people live without being conscious of their identity, they will live not knowing who they
really are; they will question their beliefs and values because of this uncertainty. Unfortunately, many persons are uncertain of their identities, and instead accept those that their pressed upon them by the dominant sectors of society around them; this is particularly true for blacks in America, and around the world. On March 16
, 2015, Kendrick Lamar released his critically acclaimed third studio album named how To Pimp a Butterfly
; a social commentary on politics, the Hip-Hop industry, and most importantly, black identity in the twenty-first century. Lamar uses his album to satirize various African-American ideologies while criticizing the continued marginalization of blacks by the government via the American socioeconomic system. Firstly, it is important to understand exactly what an ideology is. An ideology can be
defined as “An organization of opinions, attitudes and values – 
 a way of thinking about man and
(Adorno). Ideologies may take many different forms, depending on the societies in which they are imposed. The topic of ideology was most notably explored by German philosopher and revol
utionary, Karl Marx, in “The German Ideology.”

n the text, Marx presents his critique of the ideologies expressed by his former colleagues, Bruno Bauer and Max Stirner of the Young Hegelians (Marx and Engels). This was the foundation upon which Marxism was built. In this text, Marx, along with Friedrich Engels, states that a person is who he is as an individual based upon what he contributes to society. Marx criticizes the Hegelians for maintaining an idealistic worldview. He argues that material circumstances shape ideas, and not the other way around as the Hegelians believed. Despite
claiming not to be a Marxist, Karl Marx’s impact on the ideological sphere is undeniable.
 Furthermore, ideological criticism is the process of examining and critiquing rhetorical texts to identify their
“dominant ideology or ideologies”
(Foss). In addition to the aforementioned Marxism, ideological criticism has been practiced on Structuralism, Postmodernism and various cultural studies. Foss explains that in ideological criticism, one must first identify the ideograph, or the “traces of ideology in an artifact.
The ideograph, in other words, is what indicates a particular ideology in a text. The term ideograph was first coined by renowned rhetorical scholar and critic, Michael Calvin McGee, in 1980. These ideographs are significant based on the time period, and culture in which they are used. Hence, the process of ideological criticism is to identify these ideographs in order to explain their cultural significance and relevance
 –  which is always larger than the words themselves
 –  according to what was occurring in the world, or in society, at their time of use.
It is also important to understand why Lamar’s album is rhetorical; its context must be
explored. On August 9
, 2014: Michael Brown, an 18 year old black male was shot and killed by Darren Wilson, a white police officer (NBC). This quickly sparked rioting in Fergusson, Mississippi the following day, and again on November 24
. This was a particularly volatile situation due to the.Kendrick Lamar deviates from what would be considered the norm for a 21st century hip-hop artist in almost every aspect. He does not spend his time rapping about gold chains and women in the same way that someone like Juicy J or Wiz Khalifa would. He stays true to his Compton roots, providing social commentary and insights into black culture and the world
around him; according to Andrews, he would likely be classified as a “Conscious MC” in the
same manner that Common would. Like Common, Lamar openly makes references to the Black
Panthers as seen in “The Blacker the Berry” and i
s clearly anti-gangsta rap. Lamar is arguably the most prominent conscious MC since Tupac Shakur, who was
known for his frequent use of the acronym THUG LIFE: The Hate U Gave Lil’ Infants Fucks Everyone. This acronym represents a lot of what Lamar raps about: the Lumpen
 – from a Marxist point of view
 – or the black male in the streets.
THUG LIFE represents “the mentality of young Black men on the street in order to survive the harsh realities of living in a racist society”
(Andrews). Lamar regularly identifies with the thug because both the thug and the bad guy are the products of the societies in which they were marginalized.
To Pimp a Butterfly has received critical acclaim, and explores black identity and ideology from both a positive and negative perspective. At a time when it seems like the world isclamoring for a black revolution, Lamar intelligently steps outside of the “system” and openly
criticizes it, while criticizing blacks in the same way a father would; he is holding all parties accountable in an effort to provoke thought and increase social consciousness. Whether Lamar is the next Tupac, and whether or not what Lamar raps about sparks a new Black Power movement, the avenues he explores remain authentic to the genre and explore the black identity in such a way that this album means something instead of being just another hip-hop album. Tomorrow may not see the reemergence of conscious hip-hop, but as indicated by this album’s commercial and critical success, people are listening; maybe,just maybe more people will listen to the meaning and not just the words, as well

Beyoncé Pop music – I’d Rather Go Blind

Has it ever crossed your mind the difference between people speaking compared to what they write? Writing can tell a lot about a person’s personality. By script, there are so many ways that you can describe your thoughts, such as music, diaries, text, email, and others. Music has been popular in this old industry and even in today’s society. There are so many types of music that people would listen to, such as Classical, Country, Jazz, Rock, Hip-Hop, Rap, and even more. Personally, I’m actually into pop music, but I don’t mind listening to rap music such as the rapper Eminem. Rap music is excellent for working out to speed up the heartbeat. Pop music is like a whole other story for me. It eases my mind, especially when you can relate to the song. The singer must show some motion in his or her music to connect with the idents. One of the movies that i watch in high school class project its called “Cadillac Records.” The reason why I wasn’t able to forget the film because of the lyrics from the song “I’d Rather Go Blind” by Beyoncé. Beyonce was pulling from her experience! That’s why she was able to sing that song with so much greatness and soul! That’s personal pain on her face, something she was going through with Jay Z at the time! The title song named after the most critical line in the lyrics shows how deep and intense the song is! Essential on the song for doing, people were struggling through relationship, family, school, or work. When you can have something and didn’t last for long, then you would understand this song! When that person has broken your heart into pieces! You would instead go blind than to see them walk away from you! This song I reserved almost 701k from around the world. Not all pop music are sad; many songs have different moods and feeling to it.

Short Stories

Growing up, short stories were essential to everyone’s childhood whether it came from cinderella , snow white, red riding hood, goosebumps and ect, it impacted someone’s imagination. But people fail to realize that these short stories always had a message or a meaning to them. I fell in love with goosebumps because growing up reading those books increased my imagination and figurative language and inspired me to become a creative writer. The way the story resolved around every short story from goosebumps always gave chills or “goosebumps” all on my body, (ok I’ll stop).  And short stories tend to hold stronger messages such as red riding hood and snow white, i’m pretty sure the last time someone older than the age 17 has read those short stories was around 10 or 12 years ago, but still know the meaning behind these stories. Creative writing is also another way to put your imagination onto a paper and let whatever flows to your brain be drawn with words.

Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame speech


 Michael Jordan’s Basketball Hall of Fame induction speech was Jordan at his most honest, his most real. He cried, thanked his friends and family, praised his so-called enemies and proved that he is forever  the most competitive person alive. In this speech Michael proved to the world that despite all the trash talking he did on the court he was a totally different person off it. He felt sorry for his kids because of the high expectations that they have to live with being the son of arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. After an earlier news conference where he did his best to sound humble, Jordan’s big speech was littered with his own tears and his own jokes, and most were good-natured, but he made it a point to recognize those who have inspired him over the years. It was certainly befitting his reputation, and it wasn’t all that funny.


Rhetorical Analysis True Crime

True crime is a non-fiction literary genre. It could often be discussed through literary, films, social media and podcasts. True crime has always captured my interest, at a young age I remember watching the tv show network Investigation Discovery and being fascinated with the cases and asking what was the motive behind these actions?  A really famous case that most people heard of is the zodiac killer, the one who shook all of California with his infamous symbol the zodiac. He would mock the police with telephone calls, taunting letters, and encrypted messages. The letters would be sent to a local newspaper and of course at the end of every letter the zodiac symbol was left behind so the press gave him the name zodiac. He accepted the nickname and began to address himself as the zodiac. “Zodiac: The Shocking True Story of the Hunt for the Nation’s Most Elusive Serial Killer” by Robert Graysmith reveals unreleased facts, including the complete text of the killer’s letters. Many were able to crack the encrypted messages left behind because they were interested and wanted to be involved in some way. Despite the rigorous investigations, no one was ever arrested for the crimes and the case remains open.

Restaurant Review

Arnelle Martinson

Professor Jewell

English 1101





                 One way that we are all connected to our culture is through food. Food continues to bring all of us together and puts smiles on our faces. Having big dinners and sitting around with our family is a tradition that keeps people from all around the world together. There are many different cuisines that restaurants cook. My favorite cuisine is Thai cuisine. I feel that Thai food is one of the best cuisines I’ve tried. I have been to many different Thai restaurants with my family, however one of the restaurants have stuck out to me the most. This restaurant is called “Jaiya Thai”. This restaurant serves absolutely the most tastiest and eloquent food I’ve ever had from a Thai food restaurant. 

                  When my family and I decided to go to jaiya Thai was really skeptical about going. I was looking through the reviews on  google and they seem good. I hate going to restaurants that their food or service is bad . When I arrived at Jaiya their customer service was on point. The waitress made sure to sit us at a great table and took our coats. When we ordered our food from our tables we did not have to wait too long. When our food arrived it was nice and hot. The appetizers were delicious especially the calamari and spring rolls. The food was well seasoned and fresh. The main entree course that I got was the red fish curry. This entree had a lot of spices and the fish was well done.

                 In the end, “Jaiya Thai” is one of the best restaurants I’ve been to  and I definitely recommend it. This restaurant is clean and the food is well prepared. The prices are very decent also. If you love Thai food then you should definitely make a stop here.