Education narrative

I had my last interview and received my visa with hope and joy. I came to the United States when I was fifteen years old. I stayed home for three months before I started high school and became interested in American tv shows like high school musical,Camp Rock and Victorious. I thought high school was going to be just like what I saw on TV but I was wrong. My first day was horrible and devastating. I was bullied because of how I spoke. People started staring at me in a very shady way. I even thought I was going to get jumped. My thought was to either stay home or transfer to a different school. My parents motivated me and I went back to school the following day.

Luckily one of the students approached me. His name was siddiq and he volunteered to show me around campus. We became fast friends.  We scheduled classes together and walked around the school. Siddiq helped me connect with his friends and I gradually befriended them. We were seven in total,four boys and three girls. One girl was from nigeria , the other girl was from Belize and one boy was from Yemen. The rest were Spanish . We organized a group chat to keep in touch with each other. We talked about our family and personal problems. The group became tighter and tighter knit because we knew each other’s stories and constantly advised each other when we were going through rough times. We even told each other secrets. We were so close that I considered them as family. It felt good to be part of a group.

Meeting siddiq and becoming friends with everyone changed my attitude towards high school and education. Before , when I lacked a support group, I was withdrawn and unmotivated to go to school. But after I became part of a group, I grew excited about school again. My grades increased, and I developed a better relationship with my teachers. I didn’t worry anymore about the people who weren’t supportive. I felt safe because I had a group of friends who would go to any extent to help me. Overtime I was able to concentrate even more and became enthused about expressing my thoughts in class.

I wasn’t interested in reading and writing till my junior year in high school.  My English teacher gave us a book to summarize at the end of the week. It was a struggle for me because I have always seen reading as boring. I later found out that our summarized results will count as fifty percent of our final grade, so I had no choice but to read. I had the same experience as Malcolm x.  I felt connected to the book and visualize myself in many places. I also used my resource which is the dictionary to define some of the words and to break the text down. I also noticed an improvement in my vocabulary. My essays were structured properly and I started to receive positive feedbacks from my teachers. Overall I started excelling in English and writing and in all my classes that requires essay.

Inspiring things about “Only Daughter.” by Sandra Cisneros

Sandra Cisneros, the only daughter with six brothers that never supported her to continue her education and made a fool of her yet, has inspired me. According to her Passage, “Only Daughter.” Cisneros claims that her father was the only one that supported her at the beginning to get into college and continuing getting her education. But all he was thinking, that college was a perfect way for girls to get married. His thoughts never stopped Cisneros achieving her goals. Even when he said, ” Why would anyone go to college and then choose to be poor? Especially someone who had always been poor.” Cisneros continued her life being independent and proves her father that she was able to make a difference. During the holiday Cisneros came back home with a published book. She has given the book to her father for him to read her work and made sure that the book was in Spanish for him to be able to understand. As he finished reading, he asked for more copies to hand it out to his relatives. Cisneros inspires me to continue following my goals even when the closest ones are stopping me. And because of does people, that are disagreeing with my thoughts such as careers, education, or lifestyles. For them to be able to understand, I would have to prove and let them see the difference.

Personal Experience Essay

I was raised by heroes. Heroes who escaped the world of darkness to raise me in a world of hope and light. My parents Elbadry and Noura, are two of the bravest and unselfish people that I have ever had the privilege to know. Sacrificing everything to move to a new and strange land, they picked up and touched their entire lives to make sure that my life would be bursting with infinite opportunities. Being one of four children, I found it surprising how they were able to give equal amounts of love, understanding, and attention to all of us. It seems to be strange, but I believe they have more to offer.
My father works hard in this country. Some might even say that for a while, he struggled, and he did. Having lived through half your life already, and changing everything for the benefit of your family is not an easy task to adjust. It didn’t help that people in this country treated us differently because my parents didn’t speak or understand the language. Religion played a role, as Muslims we were hated upon and treated differently, working in a non-native country wasn’t easy. However, he endured and attempted that we thrived in this exotic country. As i watched my father work hard, while I didn’t do much as I grew up, I have tried my best on improving my self in school. One of my favorite subjects is math. Having to take an English class was a bet struggle for me just because i never liked to be told to read or write. i received an email from City Tech that accepted to the college, but first, need to take one semester at BEOC program to help me with my writing skills. Mr.Cameras inspired me on how to be in love with writing and educate me with reading. The girl that I was who had a headphone on and listened to music on the train every day now opens a book or randomly search something online to educate my self about life.

Personal Experience Essays

DUE SEPT 11: Please post your personal anecdote/experience essays here! Be sure to consult the Unit 1 Assignment sheet (I passed this out in class and I also sent it as an attachment via email).

Describe a personal experience that in some way describes or enables you to say something about your relationship to reading and writing. BUT! Stick with the description of the event–we will be expanding the experience to your literacy narrative next week.