Restaurant Review

Arnelle Martinson

Professor Jewell

English 1101





                 One way that we are all connected to our culture is through food. Food continues to bring all of us together and puts smiles on our faces. Having big dinners and sitting around with our family is a tradition that keeps people from all around the world together. There are many different cuisines that restaurants cook. My favorite cuisine is Thai cuisine. I feel that Thai food is one of the best cuisines I’ve tried. I have been to many different Thai restaurants with my family, however one of the restaurants have stuck out to me the most. This restaurant is called “Jaiya Thai”. This restaurant serves absolutely the most tastiest and eloquent food I’ve ever had from a Thai food restaurant. 

                  When my family and I decided to go to jaiya Thai was really skeptical about going. I was looking through the reviews on  google and they seem good. I hate going to restaurants that their food or service is bad . When I arrived at Jaiya their customer service was on point. The waitress made sure to sit us at a great table and took our coats. When we ordered our food from our tables we did not have to wait too long. When our food arrived it was nice and hot. The appetizers were delicious especially the calamari and spring rolls. The food was well seasoned and fresh. The main entree course that I got was the red fish curry. This entree had a lot of spices and the fish was well done.

                 In the end, “Jaiya Thai” is one of the best restaurants I’ve been to  and I definitely recommend it. This restaurant is clean and the food is well prepared. The prices are very decent also. If you love Thai food then you should definitely make a stop here.

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  1. Arnelle,

    Are you wanting to focus on restaurant reviews for your genre? If so, your job will be to show the author of each review tries to persuade her audience to feel/believe/do something–not to write your own review of a restaurant.

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