Police brutality and shooting

Philip Kumi,


police brutality and shooting started in 1872. I want to educate my audience about this incident and how they can protect themselves. The audience are black people. I specifically chose this audience because they are the people who are affected by it the most and research shows that as well. According to the police violence mapping website, “one thousand one hundred and forty-seven people were killed by the police and within those numbers, black people were twenty-five percent of the people who have been killed by the police and they are only thirteen percent of the population.” There is a huge gap between black, white and Hispanics when it comes to police brutality and shooting. I want to educate my audience about police brutality and what they can do when they are stopped by the police. My message to black people is, police brutality and shooting cannot be stopped but there are different things we can do to not fall victim of police brutality and shooting. We can all come together, educate ourselves on how we can reduce police brutality and shootings in our communities. We can organized campaign and workshops to educate our fellow black youth about police brutality and how they can conduct themselves when stopped by the police. We also need to be enlightened about the law and our rights and ways we can fight back legally when oppressed or abused by the police. There are firms and attorneys who are willing to participate in these campaigns about police brutality and ways we can hold the police responsible for their actions. An example is the Julian Castro campaign. This campaign is organized to end police brutality and they are dedicated to helping minorities and people affected by this situation to fight for their rights. My goal is to change both side’s opinions about each other and to let them act differently towards each other. Sometimes I feel like black people are at fault. They act aggressively towards the police and that makes the police reply in a form of violence. I also feel that the police act abusively towards black people because of the criminal stigma associated with black people and overall both sides need some education and should use a different approach towards each other. There are steps that we can follow when stopped by the police according to the NYCLU “we can protect ourselves by not interfering with the police in case of random search. Remaining silent and listening to the police attentively. Showing the police your identification card, insurance or driver’s license. Controlling your words, body language, and emotions. Not running or getting into an argument with the police. Keeping your hands where the police can see. Not touching the police officer, and lastly asking for a lawyer immediately after your arrest.” These are easy steps that we can follow and educate others in order to not become victims of police brutality and shooting. We need to know our rights when stopped by the police. We have rights everywhere we go, according to the criminal justice degree hub, we have certain rights such as the right to arm bears on ourselves, in our houses and when traveling. The fourth amendment the right to protection, the right to explain yourself calmly during searches by the police, your Miranda right which is the right to remain silent anything you say will be used against you in court and the right to an attorney and if you cannot afford one. An attorney will be provided for you, the right to peacefully protest in public, the right to have an attorney present at the airport when questioned by the police and lastly the right to stop the police from entering your house without a warrant.” There are certain things that the police cannot do as well. They can only use their guns when they see objects. According to the American Bar Association, In 2017 a white police officer who was video-recorded killing an unarmed black motorist in north charleston was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison”. This shows that the police can only be convicted and sentenced based on evidence. What we can all do is to turn our cell phone recording button on when interacting with the police besides that we can also videotape these kinds of police interactions and brutality from far distance then later confronting the person or family member about what you have to be used as evidence in court for justice to be served. We can help ourselves and others who are victims of police brutality and shooting. Another tip is not holding objects when stopped by the police. According to the same article which is the Amerian Bar Association, “A police officer from Arizona shot a woman who was holding a large kitchen knife.” Holding objects when stopped by the police can seem as a threat to the police. They are human and in terms of situations like that, they will use what they have to protect themselves when they get terrified or frustrated. So we need to know these types of information to be safe from their negative actions. We are in a society that governed against us based on our skin color or our past criminal records so we need to act a certain type of way to not fall into their traps. When we come across incidents like this first we need to get a lawyer or an attorney who will understand our situation. Secondly we need to present any evidence we have in court to persuade the judge to rule in favor of us and lastly, regardless of our pain we should try and remain calm, treat the police with respect and use the appropriate language when stopped by the police. We need to know this basic information in order to take legal procedures when they abuse their power or act illegally towards us.


Message to the police department.

The majority of us black people might have criminal records but that does not give you the right to criminalize the whole community. In every community, there are good people and bad people you can’t characterize the whole people as criminals because people who have similar skin color as those who are committing crimes. Our society needs a social change, your role is to protect people not to abuse and killed people. Based on the New York Times article, “a 28 years old woman named Jefferson was shot by the police through her window because the police received a phone call from the neighbor saying that he had noticed the light was on in the middle of the night and is not normal for them.  meanwhile, Ms Jefferson was playing video games with her cousin. The officer later resigned and was arrested.” This shows that shooting can affect both sides. We the people can be affected the most but the police can end up losing their job or being sentenced. In this case, the police were supposed to present him or herself as a police and ask the person’s permission to go for a random search. Everything should be done calmly if there is no illegal possessions. The police should never take action or use their weapons without any investigation or confrontation.



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All the authors talked about the price of the food in new york city. Some argued that is very expensive and is not worth the taste of the food, the rest argued that the food here is affordable. All the authors also talked about the location and the decoration of the restaurants whether is fancy, cozy or had bad decoration. They also focused on the service that was offered and the food variations in restaurants, what influenced their menu and the chef’s style of cooking. What they also have in common is the audience they are trying to persuade. Their main audience was people living in new york and the secondary audience was people coming for a vacation in New York. What I have learned is that most of the restaurants in new york are just known for their luxurious environments and decoration but their food doesn’t taste good. Also, some people advertise and show healthy menus but in reality, their foods are not healthy, they focus more on the food tasting good but not the health benefits. I also saw some transitions in the text, most of the authors will start with positive comments or critics on the restaurants then end their articles with the negative critics. Some of the authors build their information on the negative critics and some also expands on the positive critic. Some also will start positively then give some negative critics in the body paragraph then conclude with strong positive comments that can overshadow the negative comments. They basically give two sides but expand more on the positive side. I want to know do people in new york city read these articles and use them whenever they go to restaurants or they just read the articles and go to restaurants without paying attention to details.


What i learned about myself as a writer is procrastination. Procrastination can prevent people from doing further research and finding more information. My strength is breaking down text, though my research i have realised that i can actually break down different texts and identify all the major components and ideas. I would like to do more research, read more articles and make real life connections to the text for better understanding. I need to work on procrastination and i can only improve if i don’t procrastinate. I also have to work on distraction and the materials that stop me from doing my work. Cell phones and social media can be a huge distraction to students. It can be very useful in terms of research but it can let students slack off or get off track when use regularly. My vocabulary was also improving and I was using all my resources for word definitions and general understanding. I normally skip over complex vocabulary but i was able to make good use of my resource this time. Lastly is self discipline, I have been following all my academic rules and regulations, meeting deadlines, working towards grades and making appointments with professors to discuss grades and how I can become a good student.

Restaurant Review Annotated Bibliography

Wells, Pete. “At Tsismis, Filipino American Drinking Food Worth Talking About.” At Tsismis Filipino American Drinking Food Worth Talking About, vol. 3, no. 10, 22 Oct. 2019,

In this article, the author argues that this restaurant embraces all cultures by posting different languages of welcome on their walls and front doors. The restaurant focuses more on Filipino meals. Based on the author’s description, the food is well made and presented most of the time. A background information of the owner was given to show how experienced he was and how he made his restaurant popular in new york. the owner of the restaurant traveled to different countries, got different ideas then formulated and processed it into his menu and his style of cooking. In the body paragraph, the author gave some bad critic. the drinks were overdone sometimes and the food was also overcooked but this bad service doesn’t happen regularly but overall the author gave good critics which overshadowed the bad ones. He later concluded that this restaurant is worth talking about in new york city.

Wells, Pete. “At Tsismis, Filipino American Drinking Food Worth Talking About.” At Tsismis Filipino American Drinking Food Worth Talking About, vol. 3, no. 10, 22 Oct. 2019, https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/22/dining/tsismis-review-pete-wells.html.

N, merry. “Three Short Restaurant Review.” Fredericksblogger, 25 Aug. 2010,

bavarian chef, The author gave good complement to the restaurant but kept saying it was expensive. he criticized by saying the place lacks coziness and the acoustics were lousy but focused more on the food. the food wasn,t special and he will only go there just for some drinks.

green turtle sports bar and grill, for this restaurant the author argued and made her critics on the bad services offered at the restaurant and how the place was too overcrowded. the food wasn,t bad but it was a Saturday night so they couldn’t,t stay for a long period of time. there was no organization and professionalism in the restaurant.

The melting pot, this restaurant had good decoration but the author argued that the food was very expensive and wasn,t worth the price. they were asked to cook for themselves because it was the tradition of the restaurant. they gave them the ingredients and heat which was very unprofessional to the author.

N, merry. “Three Short Restaurant Review.” Fredericksblogger, 25 Aug. 2010, http://fredericksblogger.blogspot.com/2010/08/three-short-restaurant-reviews.html.
Cuozzo, Steve. “Veggie-Forward Le Jardinier Isn’t as Healthy as It Looks.” New York Post,
The author argues that they are a few vegetarian dishes and zero vegan dishes on the menu. images are displayed to show the public that they serve healthy vegan food but in reality is something else. the author manage to talk to the chef. the chef disagreed and tried to convinced the author that a meal should be about a balanced diet but not trying to be healthy. this restaurant hype greens but doesn’t include a large portion in the meals or menus. they just display meals full of greens on advertisement just to attract customers.
Cuozzo, Steve. “Veggie-Forward Le Jardinier Isn’t as Healthy as It Looks.” New York Post, New York Post, 19 June 2019, https://nypost.com/2019/06/18/veggies-steal-the-show-at-le-jardinier-just-dont-expect-health-food/.
Ames, Bobbie. “New York DELIcious.” Good Life Family Magazine, 28 Dec. 2015,
In this restaurant review, the author talked about how eating deli food has changed her mindset towards her local deli shops. It was her first time getting a whole meal from the deli shop. she normally goes to the deli shop to get snacks but doesn’t,t really pay attention to their menu. she went there with her children and they were amazed by the taste of the food. They loved the food so much and recommended the deli place to their friends and family. They were no bad critics or comments in this restaurant review.
Ames, Bobbie. “New York DELIcious.” Good Life Family Magazine, 28 Dec. 2015, https://goodlifefamilymag.com/2015/07/16/new-york-delicious/.


restaurant review by Pete wills Brooklyn burger

Billy Durney, the Brooklyn restaurateur and pitmaster, has been talking for several years about the fried chicken that he planned to bring to Red Hook. At first, there was no reason to doubt him. That the man is comfortable with long time horizons was clear to anyone who watched how patiently he studied the science of indirect heat at his first establishment in the neighborhood, home town barbecue. After Hurricane Sandy flooded streets and knocked out power in the area shortly before the scheduled opening in 2012, he gave away smoked briskets, ribs and shoulders to local residents until electricity was restored almost three weeks later, honing his technique all the while. The years rolled by without a drumstick in sight. But as recently as March, it was still possible to take Mr. Durney at his word when he talked about the star attraction of his fried chicken to be called Red Hook Tavern. The doors were finally unlocked in July, revealing a row of tables under electrified gas lamps and a row of stools in front of a white-oak bar that looks as if it was built to last at least until Van Brunt Street sinks into the sea. Wearing wallpaper and wainscoting and pressed tin, red hook taven does a straight-faced impression of a whiskey-simmered New York corner bar of a certain age. the restaurant owner gave the people food during the hurricane in other to show that he can be trusted and also to attract more customers.  The restaurant page also had different foods which is a great way of advertsing and persuading the audience.

Education narrative

I had my last interview and received my visa with hope and joy. I came to the United States when I was fifteen years old. I stayed home for three months before I started high school and became interested in American tv shows like high school musical,Camp Rock and Victorious. I thought high school was going to be just like what I saw on TV but I was wrong. My first day was horrible and devastating. I was bullied because of how I spoke. People started staring at me in a very shady way. I even thought I was going to get jumped. My thought was to either stay home or transfer to a different school. My parents motivated me and I went back to school the following day.

Luckily one of the students approached me. His name was siddiq and he volunteered to show me around campus. We became fast friends.  We scheduled classes together and walked around the school. Siddiq helped me connect with his friends and I gradually befriended them. We were seven in total,four boys and three girls. One girl was from nigeria , the other girl was from Belize and one boy was from Yemen. The rest were Spanish . We organized a group chat to keep in touch with each other. We talked about our family and personal problems. The group became tighter and tighter knit because we knew each other’s stories and constantly advised each other when we were going through rough times. We even told each other secrets. We were so close that I considered them as family. It felt good to be part of a group.

Meeting siddiq and becoming friends with everyone changed my attitude towards high school and education. Before , when I lacked a support group, I was withdrawn and unmotivated to go to school. But after I became part of a group, I grew excited about school again. My grades increased, and I developed a better relationship with my teachers. I didn’t worry anymore about the people who weren’t supportive. I felt safe because I had a group of friends who would go to any extent to help me. Overtime I was able to concentrate even more and became enthused about expressing my thoughts in class.

I wasn’t interested in reading and writing till my junior year in high school.  My English teacher gave us a book to summarize at the end of the week. It was a struggle for me because I have always seen reading as boring. I later found out that our summarized results will count as fifty percent of our final grade, so I had no choice but to read. I had the same experience as Malcolm x.  I felt connected to the book and visualize myself in many places. I also used my resource which is the dictionary to define some of the words and to break the text down. I also noticed an improvement in my vocabulary. My essays were structured properly and I started to receive positive feedbacks from my teachers. Overall I started excelling in English and writing and in all my classes that requires essay.

Sandra Cisneros only daughter

I found a lot of interesting facts in the text, firstly I like how she was able to create something out of loneliness. She was able to utilize her time in a more useful way by processing something mentally and writing it to the world. Sandra wanted her father to treat her the same as her brothers which is accepting and understanding her text. Her father always wanted to boast about having seven son, he didn’t appreciate the fact that he was having a daughter. She just wanted to make her father proud. We can relate sandra’s experience to other females having a lot of male siblings. they feel disconnected and sometimes wish for having  a female sibling. In some cultures females are expected to have children at a certain age . When they reach that stage and still haven’t married or have children they start to receive pressure from family and sometimes friends. Sandra’s father wanted to see her daughter get married that’s why she encouraged her to go to college so that she can find a husband. Female siblings come across situations like this but I believe in today’s society male siblings go through the same situation as well also male siblings turn to be protective of their female sibling especially when they are younger . Lastly some parents do support their children when they start to see positive outcomes or a reward. during Christmas vacation her dad read some of her text and really loved it. Sandra just wanted to please her dad and she was able to accomplish that goal through writing.

Personal Experience Essay/mother tongue by Amy Tan

I chose this text because out of all of the text that we have read in class this was the one that I felt connected to and can correlate it with my own personal experience. Based on the text Amy tan showed her mother’s level of english and her inability to express herself in English. She also showed how her mother’s language has influenced her academically and socially. Even though Amy tan was chinese American, this is a text that every child coming from a minority household can relate to. I made my emphasis on the time when Amy’s mother went to the hospital but based on her lack of English and struggling to Express herself the doctors and the nurses did not even take her serseriou as compared to where amy intervened. They showed Amy more respect ,apologized and assured her that the cat scan will be found soon. This clearly show that people are treated some kind of way when they can’t Express themselves in perfect English. People turn to avoid them regardless of their age or ethnic group. The text is a typical example, they showed amy more respect than her mother. I have experienced similar situation with my mother and sister. We moved from Africa to reside with my father in the United states. Unfortunately my mother waa not familiar with the English language so my sister was forced to move around with my mother whenever she has an appointment and orientation. She always said she wish she had her education before moving to the United states. We clearly understand where she was coming from because she lost her parents at a very young age so she was  introduced into trade and traveling in other to support herself. She later moved to her elder sister’s house but still didn’t get the opportunity to study in school. She gets very emotional every time she shares her childhood stories with us . My sister receives all her business and professional calls. Recently she came up with the idea of speaking English at home so that she can learn from us. We started speaking English at home and corrected her everytime she made a mistakes.  We became her personal teacher and taught her how to read.  During the past few years  , we have experienced some growth in her vocabulary and her level of confidence. She now goes outside by herself without my sister assisting her in applications or appointments also she seems happier whenever she goes outside to even purchase an item at at our local deli. In the past few years she felt intimidated whenever someone approached us with English. She was always shy and avoided contact with people. Surprisingly we realized that she can remember things for along period of time.  She learns very fast and always pressure us to teach her something new.

Malcolm x learning to read

Reading malcolm x text was very surprising and motivating. The surprising part is, a text structured perfectly like this coming from someone with only a middle school education and the motivating part is a prisoner building on himself and using his resources to acquire knowledge. He was passionate about education and eager to be enlightened. He was opened to the world and learned about different cultures and  African American history through reading.  He saw himself in different places through visualization and reading of different text. Reading gave him freedom and opened his eyes to the outside world even though he was locked up .