Sandra Cisneros only daughter

I found a lot of interesting facts in the text, firstly I like how she was able to create something out of loneliness. She was able to utilize her time in a more useful way by processing something mentally and writing it to the world. Sandra wanted her father to treat her the same as her brothers which is accepting and understanding her text. Her father always wanted to boast about having seven son, he didn’t appreciate the fact that he was having a daughter. She just wanted to make her father proud. We can relate sandra’s experience to other females having a lot of male siblings. they feel disconnected and sometimes wish for having  a female sibling. In some cultures females are expected to have children at a certain age . When they reach that stage and still haven’t married or have children they start to receive pressure from family and sometimes friends. Sandra’s father wanted to see her daughter get married that’s why she encouraged her to go to college so that she can find a husband. Female siblings come across situations like this but I believe in today’s society male siblings go through the same situation as well also male siblings turn to be protective of their female sibling especially when they are younger . Lastly some parents do support their children when they start to see positive outcomes or a reward. during Christmas vacation her dad read some of her text and really loved it. Sandra just wanted to please her dad and she was able to accomplish that goal through writing.

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