Sandra Cisneros “Only Daughter”

Sandra Cisneros purpose into writing this story is to have readers picture what she was going through in her family .She was an Mexican American growing up with 6 boys being an only girl. From just knowing this you knew  it was hard for her. It was hard for her because she was the only one looked down on in her family and all her brothers are being looked at as most important. Her relationship towards her father was off. I had found it interesting that her father thought that she was wasting her education because she didn’t get married when she was finished from college.. From my understanding, I thought that the father was basically saying that with all the knowledge she got from school  she wasted it by not having a family to pass it down to her own family. Being an only daughter left her to think a lot and she wrote on her thoughts. The best moment in the story was her father reaction towards her writing and she was finally noticed by him