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English Composition 1

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Sandra Cisneros only daughter

I found a lot of interesting facts in the text, firstly I like how she was able to create […] See MoreSandra Cisneros only daughter

Personal Experience Essay

Ángel D. Torres                   9-11-19 The final advice my teacher told me, “ I was in your […] See MorePersonal Experience Essay

Personal Experience Essay/mother tongue by Amy Tan

I chose this text because out of all of the text that we have read in class this was the one that […] See MorePersonal Experience Essay/mother tongue by Amy Tan

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Hi and welcome to our course website! Here you will find many of the readings for the course, as well as further descriptions of the homework, and this is also where you'll upload your final essays! Make sure you check here regularly. See MoreHello!

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