Restaurant Review

Ali. (2019, April 28). REVIEW: Come for the Burgers, Stay for the Shakes at Black Tap… Retrieved from

This restaurant review is based on a new diner that opened in a theme park and what people thought about it. WDW News Today is an online news and information resource on Disney Parks Worldwide. This specific review, has an informal tone to it because of how the information is said and the organization of the review itself. The author persuades her audience by adding pictures to capture what the restaurant looks like and the whereabouts of the setting. This helps draw the attention of the place to the audience, due to the restaurant’s colorful scheme and for its 90s and early 2000 feels. This attracts, more specifically, an older group of people who can reminisce about the good times. Pathos appeals are what helps the audience, in this case the theme, to visit the restaurant because of the emotion attached to something meaningful in their life. Not only the use of pathos helps attract people, but also the location of the diner is at. Downtown Disney is a very popular spot to visit and because of that, the restaurant’s credibility builds up because of it. Any place built in a location that gets millions of visitors, it seemed as great too. So by stating the location of the restaurant it’s going to be looked at as great and be highly recommended to eat at. This is how the reviewer views and appeal to their audience.                     

Crowley, Chris. “The Riddler Opens in NYC With Champagne, Caviar, and Tater-Tot Waffles.”      Grub Street, 30 Sept. 2019,

This restaurant review gives a glimpse on the new Riddler opening in New York and how it will feature a list of over 100 bottles of wine and a new menu of food that has a mixture of American and French culture. These features are promised by a larger kitchen and a vision that Jen Pelka and her team, promise for the customers they soon will invite into their home. Grub Street is a site that gives customers an inside look at how a dining experience will look in specific places. Their audience expands from 2.2 million visitors online, with a 63% being women and 37% being men, who enjoy the critics given by this site. This specific review has a formal tone to it, due to its past reputation on its San Francisco location and on the expectation of the new location just having high as the San Fran Riddler. Using ethos in this article, the reviewer states different collaborations the owner is making to build its credibility to stand out, even more than their previous standards. Collaborations in wine and food dishes with famous wine corporations and chefs builds the restaurant’s attention to more and diverse customers. This gives the audience a look at how the restaurant is high maintenance and promise to give you a fine dining experience. Also, using pathos to engage a certain audience by adding specific appeals to meet their needs. For example, the reviewer states that if a group of people go to the location and are celebrating a newly wedded couple, they would be given a bucket that the owner’s aunt got as a wedding anniversary gift. This sentiment gives more appeals towards the location and gives the restaurant a more sentimental feel as well as professionalism in both ways. This is how the reviewer views and appeal to their audience.

Levine, Ed. “Dallas BBQ: Boldly Going Where No Other Food Writer Has Gone Before.” Serious Eats, Serious Eats, 29 Sept. 2009,

This review talks about how Ed Levine’s first experience at Dallas BBQs, being the first food critic or food writer or blogger, to give a review on such a place. Serious Eats is a website that gives millions of people background on what is great to eat and drink and give tips and recipes on how to make great food. Levine, at the beginning of the article, states the major ethos the restaurant has, given that the place is packed every time he passes by during lunch and dinner. By stating this, it gives his audience a great expectation of the restaurant to be great. Also, the statement of using logos in his article, saying that they serve humongous meals for cheap prizes, makes the audience want to see such a statement be true. With these appeals, it draws the audience to experience this at a place where the big meals for cheap, is to be proven right. This can also appeal to those families or individuals that are not so rich, to enjoy a meal of great portions for a low value. The article also says that you can be rich or poor and can go to enjoy a great meal for a reasonable price that the author promises in its article. With a great state of credibility and ratio of food to prize, it makes the people want to go and take a look for themselves if they would leave the restaurant with a stomach full of food that will last them a couple of days. This is what the reviewer views on the restaurant and how he influences his audience. 

Reichl, Ruth. “RESTAURANTS.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 29 Oct. 1997,

“Restaurants” gives a simple explanation on the best caviar dishes at Caviar Russe. Ruth Reichl, gives the inside feel of the restaurant and gives a personal explanation on what food is like at the place. The New York Times, founded in 1851, is a multimedia company that brings you stories, reviews, facts, and much more news around the world. Reichl uses a very casual, yet sad tone throughout the review. Using pathos, she explained the restaurant to be a great place to eat alone. This persuades the audience by making see that its scene is very calm and a place where you as a guest can treat yourself to fine dining with a peaceful place to enjoy your food in such grace. With the convenience of having such a great place to eat, this also gives a sense of ethos to it because the fine dining and caviar testing give you a place of such classy and elegant feel that any customer would like. The audience Reichl is appealing to are the rich and elegant, who seek to eat a pleasant meal with an exquisite taste of caviar by the gram. These appeals make the audience want to go to a place where they can feel greater or important in the state of how the restaurant makes them feel. This is how the reviewer views and influences their audience.

Reichl, Ruth. “RUTH REICHL’S TOP 40 RESTAURANTS.” Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Times, 6 May 1990,

This review is Ruth Reichl’s opinion about the Top 40 of the best restaurants in Los Angeles (LA) are. The Los Angeles Times is the largest daily newspaper with about 1.2 million readers daily. The tone of the review is a mixture of casual and funny, with a hint of cockiness. She talks about what she likes about the restaurant and what she finds that can be better about it. In one of the many mini-reviews, she said that the food at a specific restaurant is amazing and of course the chef there knows her. At the beginning of the article, she states that she has the chance to visit 40 restaurants, and written hundreds of different joints to visit. The 40 she picked, shows how much more these specific places stand out from the other ones. With this, it persuades her audience that these places have much more to offer than the other restaurants she had written down to visit. This gives the places picked, top credibility because Reichl reviews on the hot spots, will draw attention to them. Also, the credibility that’s shown throughout the review, it can turn the attention away from the restaurant to the reviewer. Her audience might think that she’s just writing a review to show off her status, The attention shifts from its purpose to something that’s not pleasing to her audience. People don’t want to read a review of a person talking themselves up, the audience wants to read a review of the best restaurants. This is what the review is about and what the audience is in need.              

Wells, Pete. “Restaurant Review: Javelina in Gramercy Park.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 19 May 2015,

This restaurant review gives a back story on what inspired the creation of its Tex-Mex culture and food. Also, how the atmosphere and the food ties it all together. The New York Times is a multi-medium venue, which can be found as a newspaper or on the internet. This specific review’s audience was towards people who like to find a new place to eat and learn a new culture. The tone I found to be very casual and funny, the way the reviewer used references on how the ambiance of the restaurant is by how the people there filled the room with “youthful animation.” The use of humor throughout the article has made the view of the restaurant seem somewhat unprofessional. Meaning, using humor in solving the mystery of the missing black beans in a famous dish that’s supposed to come with it, is later on solved by the waiter brings it 5 minutes later. The use of pathos in a humorous way changes the way the restaurant is looked as, makes it seem unprofessional on many levels. The audience then thinks about ever visiting this place that doesn’t fulfill their needs. This is how the reviewer views and influences their audience.


Pop Music

Knowles-Carter, Beyoncé “I was here” (United Nations World Humanitarian Day Performance Video)


This song inspired everyone around the world, to remind us that we people should make valuable time in our lives. Once the time comes, let people remember you by your right actions. Once the music started playing, you could tell how passionate she was about her lyrics while she was performing on the stage. She stomped every time she hit the high notes; it also seems that she was very emotional towards the end of her song. She was shaking and tearing, but yet she never let her smile fade away from her face. The video from Beyonce’s music performance focuses more on the screen that is behind her. The video shows people from around the world that were suffering due to crisis and are being helped by those who reaches them. This song is very touching were a point fans at the performance are wiping down their tears. This song is absolutely a fantastic song that encourages people to make a difference in their lives.

To understand the reason that we are alive is to smile. Life is too short for us to be selfish and thinking about yourself. The message that she is sending to her audience that together, no matter what we have we have to be beside each other through bitter and sweet moments. The worst thing Beyonce is trying to prevent suffering alone. One of the strong line she sang “I wanna leave my footprints on the sands of time/ Know there was something that/ Meant something that I left behind/ When I leave this world/ I’ll leave no regrets/ Leave something to remember/ So they won’t forget.” for a person to remind other to support others show how big her heart.


Knowles-Carter, Beyoncé “I was here”


“I’d rather go blind,” sang by Beyonce, but originally  Etta James song, describes the deepest feelings of heartbreak.  A song that describes the emotions one feels when the love of your life is cheating on you. Seeing another lady with your man other than you kills every part of your soul to a point where you would rather go blind as Beyonce sings. Going through a heartbreak isn’t easy; it destroys someone mentally, physically, and emotionally, and in worse cases, makes you insecure and weak. “When I saw you and hear her talking/ Something deep down in my soul said, “cry, girl” (cry, cry)/ When I saw you and that girl walking around Ooh/ I would rather, I would rather go blind, boy/ Than to see you walk away from me”, strong words with powerful meaning as Beyonce sings how an  individual is deeply crushed by examining her partner drifting away with someone else, and still not be able to accept it in her head. When you love someone so hard that the mere existence without them, you would rather go blind than to see them with someone else. Imagine you love this person so much, but you realize that a person doesn’t love you back the same. James’s song doesn’t only describe her emotions about her heartbreak but also how she coped with it. She dealt with it by keep crying and writing other songs that can relate to her feelings. 


Lipa, Dua “New Rules”


This song is an excellent reflection of what would happen when a girl is going through a breakup. The first thing a girl would do is ask for advice from her group of her friends, specifically her girlfriends. I love this pop song because it’s different from the others. This song is precisely based on the name of the title from the song. Due tells the steps of what girls should be doing when the beginning of their break up. While Dua was singing, her friends in the video clip directing her not pick up the phone, which would be rule number one. ‘Not pick up the phone, you know he’s only calling because he’s drunk and alone. Rule number two ‘Don’t let him in, or you’ll have to kick him out again. Rule number three ‘don’t be his friend. ‘

Then Dua tells the other woman the same three rules as she had experienced the same conflict that Due went through. However, this song reminds us after a breakup we are weak and not strong enough to walk away but wanted to return back to commit mistakes and before making a wrong decision we go to our friends or close one just to get support from them or to stop us.  Dua song “New Rules” is basically about once a female goes through a breakup, she would be having her girls supporting her until she recovers. According to the clip Dua, once she recovers and passing the rules to her other friends that are just going through a new break up, they went for vacation. The video was straight to the point with no expiration on their faces, except at the beginning of the video, they had a sad face. Seriously this video has such a fantastic concept and lots of meanings that no matter what we individuals are not strong enough to hold our feelings toward toxic relationships and wanting to go back but without any support from a friend we would have been drowned.


Lovato, Demi “Sober.” Songwriters. Demi Lovato; Mark Landon; Tushar Apte; Sam Roman, June 21, 2018. Article Nick Romano, “ Demi Lovato confesses ‘I’m not sober anymore’ in new song” June 21, 2018

In this article, Nick Romano explains the journey and struggles that singer Demi Lovato went through early in her career. Many artists these days like to convey messages through their music, and Lovato is one of them. Lovato struggled with drugs and alcohol addiction. Lovato describes in her music how painful it was to go through addiction when she was alone. She was courageous enough to tell her audience what she’s been fighting through her music industry.

Lovato felt likes she owes an apology to her family and fans because she is considered to be a role model to many youngsters, and what she did is something that should never be encouraged. Even though its to explain whats she’s been going through and nobody would understand not unless if they were in her shoes. Like an addiction, it’s not easy for one to explain him or herself. She sings “Momma, I’m so sorry, I’m not sober anymore/ And daddy, please forgive me for the drinks spilled on the floor…. I’m sorry for the fans I lost/Who watched me fall again /I wanna be a role model /But I’m only human.” The fact that she said, “I’m only human,” she is expecting that no one will judge her from her weakness and put their place in her shoes. Notice how there are no high notes or any massive belts that are in most of her songs. She isn’t trying to impress anyone or make it a hit. This Is a song purely for her and her supporters. It’s just raw, beautiful, and full of emotion. Even the tone of the music is very emotional. While she was singing, it sounded like if she was broken inside. In the article, Romano mentions that towards the end of Sober, Lavato sings, “I’m sorry that I’m here again/ I promise I’ll get help/ It wasn’t my intention/I’m sorry to myself.” She released the album once she was recovered to inspire others who might be going through what she went through to seek help and never to give up. 


Perry, Katy “Firework”

Fireworks is a very beautiful song that has a very powerful meaning.  This song talks about revealing for has been hiding from the public such as sexuality, characters and who we are. It let us know that we shouldn’t be afraid to fight for what we believed in. Perry sings “You don’t have to feel like a waste of space/ You’re original, cannot be replaced/ If you only knew what the future holds/ After a hurricane comes a rainbow/ Maybe a reason why all the doors are closed/ So you could open one that leads you to the perfect road/ Like a lightning bolt, your heart will glow/ And when it’s time, you’ll know.” I really love this song and the messages it gives. It really says that if you want to make everyone happy, then you need to also be happy. Always try to light a spark in you and give yourself something to look forward to.  In the song, she says “come on let your colors burst” what she means by this is make yourself shine and there is no need to be embarrassed appreciate yourself as you are. The clip was almost 4 minutes, but in the short timing, the clip that was created for this song shows several different types of a topic of how a person is insecure and at the end of the clip shows how they over become it, just by facing what they have hidden from. And for that at the end of the clip, everyone that overcome the fear gathers together starting to dance with an optimistic vibe due to the fact that they don’t have fears anymore. The tone of the song is motivated. I show clearly how Katy Perry clearly wants everyone and including her fans to be happy and live a positive life.

Trainor, Meghan  “All About That Bass”


Meghan Trainor delivers positive pop music sending a message for females that are insecure about their body. Trainor mentions that girls don’t love themselves as much as they really should. In her song “All About The Bass,” she sends great messages such as “Yeah, my mama, she told me don’t worry about your size….You know I will be no stick figure silicone Barbie doll/ So if that what you’re into, then go ahead and move along.”  for Trainor send a message about beauty and how to love yourself is very important, mostly when it comes to teenage girls because they usually compare themselves to models and fake advertisement brainwashing those who are insecure about themselves to mold them into something that is unrealistic. Her letter is to allow all the girls to accept themselves from top to bottom in order for them to be happy. Even the song that she released showed all figured with different sizes, colors, and heights to provide in their mindset that it’s okay to not be perfect and we humans come in different figures.


Historical Movies

Nataly Azcatl


The Boy In Striped Pajamas. Directed by Mark Herman, MiraMax Films, BCC Films, 2008.


         “The Boy In Striped Pajamas” directed by Mark Herman re-creates the setting of the halocaust, a young boy, Bruno, who’s father is in charge of a concentration camp not to far from their home, explores through the woods and finds a young Jewish boy, Shumel, his age inside the camp. They become friends and Bruno finds out more about the camp as days continue of him visiting the Jewish boy on the other side of a wired fence. This film’s audience is directed to anyone, except those who are unable to view any violence throughout the movie. Although it’s a more serious film, it appeals to many people because it happened, the environment in the movie did happen and the series of cruel events towards Jewish people back then were true. The director tries to put the audience in the perspective of Bruno, throughout the movie you see the confusion of the boy believing that all of the Jews in the camp are farmers, he finds Shumel in the “striped pajamas” and notices his hunger and lack of personal hygiene he’s displaying. He notices all the anti-Semitic propaganda from his family and others when he isn’t by the camp. Towards the end of the movie, the director tries to persuade the audience to feel and act a certain way about this event, when Bruno says to Shumel “We’re not supposed to be friends, you and me. We’re supposed to be enemies. Did you know that?”, you notice the innocence involved with the social expectations in the time and place. Bruno decides to cut the fence and join Shumel inside the camp, still unaware of the horrors waiting for him, they enter the camp not knowing they are headed into a gas chamber, Bruno telling Shumel right before their lives are being taken that he was his best friend. 


12 Years A Slave. Directed by Steve McQueen, Film4 Productions, 2013.


        “12 years a Slave” was first made as an 1853 memoir written by American Solomon Northup who was born in the North identified as free but kidnapped and sold into slavery in the South before the Civil War. The director, Steve McQueen, read the book and wanted to adapt it into a film, he wanted to teach more about what slavery was and the impact it had, not only on one person but the hundreds of people that weren’t even identified as people because of their color. This serious film touches the audience’s heart because of this particular man’s story, the environment, setting and time period he had to live through shows inhumane ways people lived their lives. Through the movie, Solomon is beaten, chained, stripped down and forced to work for white people in their plantations, he is put through all those gruesome experiences but he never lost hope in finding his family again. The director tries to demonstrate how Afterican Americans were treated, how it affected their lives and how it was part of American history, he also demonstrates the mental impact of those people and it captures the audience’s attention because it did happen and it was a way of living back then. Some scenes become explicit and the director wants that in the film to get a reaction from the audience, an example in the movie was when an owner decided to punish one of the slaves he owned but he chose Solomon to whip one of them which he considered his friend, you then see how cruel and inhumane things were back then and it definitely catches the audience’s attention to see the history that actually happened and that it shouldn’t be forgotten.


Dunkirk. Directed by Christopher Nolan, Syncopy Inc. 2017


        “Dunkirk” directed by Christopher Nolan is taken place during World War II in France. Germany was able to trap Allied troops on the beaches of Dunkirk troops slowly and methodically try to evacuate with all the resources they can find during the massive operation involving vessels became a turning point for the Allied War effort. This particular movie is known as a silent film and is noticed by its lack of dialogue, the director tries to put the audience in the scenes. In a specific scene, hundreds of soldiers are in a naval ship believing they are going home, however the ship was bombed and you see how it goes down very quickly and the director wants to portray how it would be like to be trapped in that small space with hundreds of other soldiers and once the ships goes down its pitch black. It shows the fears that someone would have with the little amount of time to think or react, the audience can really get a full visual of what war did look it, in its horrible state, many soldiers were close to death and the audience can feel that while watching. Throughout American History, there have been many wars that lasted years with battles in between, any audience has the knowledge already for what war was like, but film directors try to take into a visual effect and show you instead of an audience imagining what it would be like. 


Lincoln. Directed by Steven Spielberg, 20th Century Fox, 2012


          “Lincoln” directed by Steven Spielberg takes time during Lincoln’s presidency and portrays the time of the civil war. During his time, it was considered historical because of his struggles to end the war and abolish slavery to pass the 13th Amendment by the House of Representatives in 1865. This film is about politics and the world’s greatest democracy and it shows the audience how the government was run before. Throughout the movie, you get to understand more of Lincoln’s personal life and what his goals for the nation was. Lincoln was one of the most recognized presidents because of what he was able to accomplish and the director wanted the audience to see that, in the film you see all the complications he had to go through and you see his ambitions for the country and what it would mean to pass the 13th amendment. Although, there have been other presidents that have done significant things in their time, Lincoln was a president that cared deeply about the nation and wanted to show everyone else what the nation was built on and what it was attended for and how peace is what the nation needs to become the greatest. The director tries to capture this time period and turn it into film for the intention of the audience to see why this specific historical was important and how it helped form the nation that we live in today. 


The Book Thief. Directed by Brian Percival. Fox 2000 Pictures, 2013.


           “The Book Thief” directed by Brain Percival, is during the time period of World War II in Germany but actually focuses more on the impact of the civilians in a neighborhood near a war zone, instead of the soldiers fighting in the war. A little girl, Liesel, is welcomed home to her new foster parents, Hans and Rosa. Hans notices that she is unable to read and that she is almost ten years old, he then tries to help her with that and also acknowledge her about what is happening, since it was the Nazi Era, he explains to her what she should and shouldn’t do to stay out of the trouble and be careful with her surroundings while she walks to school and also has to be taught emergency procedures, such as hiding in an underground bunker, because of the war that was close by them. One day out of the ordinary, Hans brings home a young man to the house and Liesel notices how Hans makes him stay in a room, out of sight. She soon realizes that he is a Jewish man and that if anyone where to found out he was there, everyone would be in trouble. The director tries to show the audience what is was like for parents to teach their teach children about what was happening around them in that time period which is obviously completely different from now. Children back then had trouble learning and it affected them at an age where they should have already known, you notice in the film how innocence is taken away from the children because they must be aware of what’s happening and how life for them in a time of war is completely different from children now, where there is no war and children go to school at a young age and get the education they need. Not only for children but for everyone else too, there were many social rules because it was the Nazi Era and soldiers would be able to come in and search into people’s homes if they wanted to, people were scared to be approached by them and it really effected how people had to act and to the audience watching this film, you get an understanding how different circumstances can effect people. The director tries to open people’s minds to how society was back then and anywhere across the world.


Selma. Directed by Ava DuVernay. Paramount Pictures, 2015


         “Selma” directed by Ava DuVernay, is based on true events of Martin Lucther King Jr. forming a political march which led to a significant event in the American Civil Rights movement and helped pass the Voting Rights Act of 1965. In the south, discrimation made it hard for African Americans to vote, a match was made in protest for President Lyndon Johnson to sign the act. On March 7, 1965, Martin Luther King leds thousands of people in a non violent protest from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, which happened to be 5 days and was known as a 54 mile walk. In the film, you are witnessing what the match was like for these people and what setbacks had happened to them, such as when crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge, the March was stopped by a blockade of state troopers, they were told to stop the march and when the people refused, they fought back with clubs and tear gas. King then began announcing help on telegrams to reach out to all religious leaders in joining the peaceful protest they wanted. There was so much that happened during this time, it was a big historical event because of the number of people that joined it and the number of people that had been sacrificed to get the act to be passed. The director tries to show the audience that it’s not just about the problem that African Americans had, but the injustice of the law and that it was affecting what the nation was supposed to be. Many directors try to re visit events like this that have affected a lot of people at the time and show people about the past and what it would feel like to be in an event that was important to history. A great way to obtain historical knowledge is throw film representation, it can show the audience the success, mistakes and failures made in the past that can help create a better society. 

Inspirational and Motivational Speech

Luther, Martin, “I Have A Dream”, Washington, D.C: Lincoln Memorial August 28, 1963

Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous public speech “I Have A Dream” at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. raised awareness and shared beliefs and ideas to unify the society mainly African-Americans. He also shed the light on Black People’s rights which were promised but never given to them. He stated, “Instead of honoring this sacred obligation, America has given Negro people a bad check, a check which has come backed marked insufficient funds”. According to this statement in his speech, he indicates that justice is not served in this country to African-Americans as it was promised by other leaders. With a sense of determination and hopefulness, he delivered this speech which concludes that Martin Luther King Jr. was a very optimistic person who always gave the lesson to always believe in yourself.

Kennedy, John Fitzgerald, “Inaugural Address”, Washington, D.C. January 20, 1961.

John F. Kennedy was the 35th president of the United States. He served the height of Cold War and gave out his famous Inaugural Address which was held on Friday, January 20, 1961 at the eastern portico of the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. Kennedy addressed what is to be an American and how can we become loyal to our country. He said this memorable phrase, “Ask not what your country can do for you-ask what you can do for your country”. According to this statement, Kennedy expressed his thoughts to motivate the citizens to love and do the best they can to improve their country. Kennedy gave out his ideas in a very compassionate way which indicates that he wanted Americans to be patriotic and take pride in doing acts that can benefit United States.

Roosevelt, Theodore, “The Duties of American Citizenship”, New York: Buffalo, Jan. 26, 1883.

Theodore Roosevelt Jr. was the 26th President of the United States who was also a writer, statesman and conservationist. President Roosevelt gave his speech “The Duties of an American Citizenship” where he mainly focused on how we can all make America a better country. To deliver his message, he gave out the examples of how a family system works to support his ideas. Roosevelt stated, “No man can be a good citizen who is not a good husband or a good father, who is not honest in his dealings with other men and women”. This statement from President Roosevelt indicates he strongly believed that someone who don’t treat others right can’t be a good citizen. He also believed that citizens should respect and obey federal, state and local laws. President Roosevelt expressed devotion and vigorous support for United States in this speech which shows that he wanted citizens to know how to love their country.

Joseph, chief, “Surrender Speech”, Montana: Bears Paw Mountains, Oct. 5, 1877.

Chief Joseph was a leader of the Wal-lam-wat-kain band of Nez Perce, a Native American tribe of the interior Pacific Northwest region of the United States. On October 5, 1877 Chief Joseph and his tribe, the Nez Perce surrendered to the US army in the Nez Perce War which they were fighting for survival. Chief Joseph gave out his speech where he stated, “From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever”. According to Chief Joseph, he didn’t want to continue the battle because he knew he was the last of a dying breed, so he ends up surrendering which resulted in peace between two groups. This speech was given to stop the violence which makes the speech sound very serious and heartbreaking.

Jobs, Steve, “Stanford Speech”, California: Stanford, June. 12, 2005.

Steve Jobs was the chairman, chief executive officer, and co-founder of Apple Corporation. He delivered his public inspirational speech at Stanford University in Stanford, California where he discussed about how he dropped out of college after six months because of financial issues and how he figured his life out. Jobs briefly talked about his setbacks which motivated the youth. He stated, “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition”. According to this statement by Steve Jobs, he clearly trying to inspire people to chase their dreams and don’t someone else bring you down. He wants the people to know that what others think about you is not relevant. Jobs shows a great example of uplifting yourself which makes the speech cheerful.

Yousafzai, Malala, “Our books and our pens are the most powerful weapons”, New York, July. 12, 2013.

Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani activist who won the Nobel Price for her speech. She is known for human rights advocacy especially for women rights. Her speech mostly focusses on women who can’t get education in some parts of the world due to different reasons. The way Malala delivered her speech showed the courage and power to motivate the women around the world. She stated, “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world”. This statement from Malala concludes that she strongly believes education is the key to success. She conveys her thought that of education should be provided to everyone and nobody should be judged on their genders in order to get education. Malala also holds an opinion that if someone want to bring changes in this world, they can accomplish their goals with the help of knowledge.

Movie Review


Roger Ebert. The Godfather movie review

Ebert review of the godfather makes us understand the connections between the movies characters and our family. In Ebert’s review he wrote “ We tend to identify with Don Corleone’s family not because we dig gang wars, but because we have been with them from the beginning, watching them wait for battle while sitting at the kitchen table and eating chow mein out of paper cartons”. Ebert makes this statement which indicates that most of us sit with our family at the dinner table we might not be preparing for war but we still enjoy the corleone’s sitting at the dinner table discussing whatever family problems they have to encounter. Ebert also goes on to give the characters a lot of credit for their hard work. Ebert said that the actors gave an example of “inspired acting” Eberts said those words to get us to understand the hard work these characters put in the movie and without them the movie would not have the same spark. In Ebert’s review he states “The Godfather’s role in the family enterprise is described by his name; he stands outside the next generation which will carry on and, hopefully, angle the family into legitimate enterprises”. In a family there’s the protector in the family that watches over the family, that can either be our fathers or mothers who are strong enough to guide us through life. This review attract many types of different audience who wants to get an opinion from a trusted source.

Roger Ebert. The dark knight movie review

In ebert’s review the claim was that we care about the characters, the writing for this film and the performances of these characters. In the review it states “ “The Dark Knight” is not a simplistic tale of good and evil. Batman is good, yes, The Joker is evil, yes. But Batman poses a more complex puzzle than usual:”. What I get from this is how complex the characters are there is more to these characters than we knowing their good and evil. In ebert’s review it states “”The Dark Knight” slips around those defenses and engages us”. Ebert is telling us how powerful the movie was that watching it caught all of our attention and how amazing the cinematography is. The tone that ebert use is formal to make us understand how important this review was to him. The audience that the review attract is teenagers and big Batman fans so they won’t be disappointed with what they like.

Andy Gill. Scarface movie review

In this movie review Gill argues that scarface is Al pacino’s movie. In the review it states “The opening shots of Tony Montana reveal that weíre in the presence of a truly Mephistophelean character, and one of modern cinema’s great performances”. This shows that how al pacino’s character in the movie inspired Gill to write about how great of a performance that was shown on cinema and how al pacino controlled the movie. While time time that the movie came out many critics dismissed the movie but Gill was still cheerful about it and encourage that it was an amazing film. In the review it states “It’s a delicious performance from an actor who knows he’s on top form, and Pacino’s swaggering arrogance bleeds into the character, juicing it up even further.” Gill is fascinated with how al pacino gets into character with this movie and put his soul into this work. The audience that this is entertaining is movie lovers and al pacino fans.

Rob Humanick. Toy story

This movie review by Humanick he makes a claim about how the movie is virtually perfect. In the review it states “ Nary a frame goes to waste in the establishment and development of plot and character…” Humanick describes how he views the movies work and how impressed he was by disney’s work. In the review Humannick also said “ it’s doubtful that there could have been a more perfect subject for the first fully computer generated film”. Humannick did not believe that at this time period there could not be no other movie that capture his heart like Toy story. Humanick tone was joyful telling how he felt about the movie and how beautiful it was. This review was made for all ages to enjoy a great review for an awesome movie.

Peter rainer. Superman returns movie review

Rainer was not a big fan of the superman returns movie and he claims it as a “mild disappointment” in rainer’s review he states “This approach should not be shocking to anyone who saw Singer’s X-Men  movies”. Rainer compares superman returns to another movie which did a much better job at analyzing the story and the characters. Rainer sound disappointed while writing this review and you can just tell by the way he words it and explain certain things. In the review it states “Brandon Routh certainly has the right rock-jawed comic-book look but, unlike Christopher Reeve, who also had the look, he’s not much of an actor”. Again we see rainer make a comparison against the movie as he talks about how others did a better job and this movie just disappointed him. The audience this movie attract is mostly teens and big fans of superman to see he their favorite hero was in the movie.


Todd mccarthy. Heat movie review

In this review mccarthy makes a strong claim of how heat stands out as one of the best crime films that has not been seen in a while. In the review it states “ heat occupies an exalted position among the countless contemporary crime films”. What this means is that heat is like no other crime film it has its own strong message and stand out by itself. In the review it states “ rarely in the crime genre have so many characters been so deeply drawn…”. The characters in this are also so powerful and that’s what makes this movie even stronger and propel the movie even further. The tone is so far giving us the details we need for the review. The audience this speaks is old time movie lover who love action and crime.


annotated bibliography

Arnelle Martinson

Unit 2 assignment

English 1101



                                                    Annotated Bibliography


Source#1:Stang, Chris. “Tanoreen – New York.” The Infatuation, The Infatuation, 29 Sept. 2010,


          This restaurant review is based on a restaurant named “Tanoreen” which serves Mediterranean cuisine. The infatuation is a venue, which can be found online and this particular review is towards an audience that may be seeking to try delicious Mediterranean food for an affordable price. The tone of this restaurant review is very formal and direct. The reviewer lacks details in the review for the restaurant because this review fails to describe the types of food on the restaurant’s menu and the review lacks describing the customer service. I feel that it is very vague. The reviewer only tells us that this restaurant has good authentic Mediterranean food, but it does not give a good description evidence for the audience to be convinced to try this restaurant.


Source#2: Kopelman, Ben. “Di Fara Pizza – New York.” The Infatuation, The Infatuation, 14 Apr. 2014,


         This restaurant review is about Difara’s Pizza being the best pizza in New York City. Difara’s Pizza is a restaurant that serves well cooked pizza and it is made by one man named DeMarco Domenico, it is also located in Brooklyn, New York. The restaurant review is on  the Infatuation website that gives access to an audience that is looking for a new place to try pizza that is well-prepared and not cheap. The tone of this review is very funny yet blunt it is also straightforward. The review can be very rude as well because the reviewer uses curse words to describe this restaurant. Because of the curse words that are being used it fails to convince the audience that this pizza store is worth going to. 


Source #3: Zagat,


           The main point of this restaurant review is to give readers insight about a restaurant named “Marea” that serves wonderful Italian seafood cuisine. This restaurant review can be found on the “Zagot” website which is available to people who want to try food from different cultures. The tone of this review is energetic and casual. The review is also short simple and straight to the point. The reviewer puts enough detail that would make the audience want to try this restaurant because it gives a good description of the different types of food on the menu and it tells about the customer service that is provided. The author appeal shows the use of logic because it provides good reasoning and answers to the questions that we as readers may have for this restaurant.


Source# 4 :M., Marissa, et al. “Marissa M.’s Review of Caribbean Soul Rooftop Restaurant & Lounge.” Yelp, 23 June 2018, 


         The main point of this restaurant review is to tell others who are interested in trying Caribbean cuisine while having a good time and listening to live music in a restaurant in Queens. This venue is on  the Yelp website where it is available to all people interested in trying new cultural foods. The reviewers tone of this passage is very funny and casual. The review uses a logical appeal by showing data analysis to describe this restaurant. Also the reviewer is well detailed about the customer service ,food and the environment. I found this review very convincing towards others because of the detailed description and the well put together analysis.


Source#5: “Restaurant Reviews.” Restaurant Reviews | Duke University School of Law


        This  restaurant review is about a campus restaurant that serves great quality food. The venue for this restaurant is on a website called Duke law and the audience is towards Duke law students. The tone is very casual. There are not many details in this review. The review does not even describe the food or cuisine served. This will not be convincing to the audience because this review last substantial information such as address customer service food and environment.


Source #6:III, Douglas Hanks. “The Lone Critic.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 20 June 2001, 


         This restaurant review is based on a Thai food restaurant named Ananndales’s and A&J. this restaurant review is available to all people who are looking for a great restaurant to try. The tone of this review is very fun and casual. The author uses logic to appeal to the audience because the author uses good detailed data analysis. The author also goes in depth about the food on the menu and which one is best to try. The author also explains the wonderful customer service that they have at this restaurant. I believe that this review is very convincing to others willing to try delicious Thai food.


Annotated bibliography – spoken word poetry

Jada Mathurin

Professor jewel



            Spoken Word Poetry : An Annotated Bibliography 

Angelou Maya. “Alone” 1975.

    The poem Alone by Maya Angelou, is written as the narrator thinks about life and its meaning. The poems speaker is lying in bed thinking and searching for answers when she realizes she has the answers.She concludes that people need each other because no one can really and truly face life alone. The theme of people needing people resonates through many of Maya Angelou’s work. Having to live through discrimination and the civil rights movement and beyond .During the early 20th centry has showed her many lifes failures and successes. The number of times Maya Angelou says the words and emphasizes  ‘ Alone ,all alone /nobody,but nobody/ can make it out here alone’ shows the importance and main idea of the poem. This literacy narrative appears in the movie ‘Poetic Justice’ where it shows the theory pathos where she is convincing the audience that hard times are coming and these are the times that people need to help one another to help them through their suffering 

Angelou Maya. “Phenomenal Woman”

This poem “ Phenomenal Woman” by Maya Angelou is written to describe how women are seen in society and how she actually is. The poem clearly illustrates that no matter how a woman is , she is still noticed in a crowd femininity is a blessing in disguise. How women can stand bold and beautiful to the world in this new century. I would say the rhetorical appeal would be Logos the author wants the audience to understand that being a woman is a blessing , as that is God’s gift to nature to protect balance and nurture. The strength a woman holds can in no way be measured and how balances life and the situation that come in front of her , no matter what. She tried to persuade her audience to believe that having confidence to face the world, no matter the scenario may be the most challenging task. In this poem Maya vividly reminds the reader of the strength a beautiful woman has also radiates,energy,wisdom and belief. 

H.E.R. “Lord is coming”

    This poem “ Lord is coming” by H.E.R starts off as a spoken-word screed disapproving   materialism,racism and talks about how immarnet families are being separated. As the choir dresses in all balck humming the tune she talks Police brutality drug abuse and depression and how it all goes unnoticed until someone is suicidal. The poet wants her audience to know We don’t learn from our Idols if we keep repeating the same cycle. We have the same rights as white people but do we really get the same treatment it’s a fact that they separate us from the truth but during these are the devil’s times the Lord is coming to save us free. The rhetorical theory this poem is Logos because she has details and facts to support her claim. 

Jeanty Alex Pierre. Book ‘H.E.R’ published in 2012

    In this book the author does not claim to be a great poet but a great observer of her. In each poem he explains the strength a woman has and the beauty. I feel like this connects well with pathos the author wants the reader to know the feelings of being loved . This is a beautiful expression of heartfelt emotion using short and gratifying sentiments.

Shakur Tupac. “I cry” – 

The poem “I cry” by Tupac Shakur is written to explain that people were not really there to feel what tupac felt. He had to endure all his pain and sorrow by himself. I also feel like he talks about how the world was a very dangerous place for people of color to live due to police brutality, even though it does not clearly specify it. Tupac wants his audience to know that even though it is noticeable that he is sad and in tears , no one seems to understand what he is truly feeling. The rhetorical analysis for this poem is pathos because tupac expresses that people don’t really care about his emotions and would father focus on themselves and not the hardships that others have to endure.   

Keys Alicia . P.O.W

    The poem P.O.W ( prisoner of words) written by alicia keys is describing how it feels to feel alone and feeling like you can’t say anything you want to say because you’re afraid no one would listen or even take your thoughts into consideration.  She’s trapped by so many emotions and words that she doesn’t know what to do. The poet wants the audience to know People who stuffer with their emotions and feeling trapped in their minds actually want someone to help but are afraid that  no one will understand them. Alicia says “ I should stop to speak but I stop and stay silent and now I’ve Made my own hard bed inside this prison of words unsaid” she expresses the difficulty she faces to be understood and to express herself. Her lack of expression has also led to her being sad, miserable and suffering. She states that her lack of words has somehow become her own doing which leads to her misery. For many, it also leads to guilt because they try not to hurt other people’s feeling but then they really aren’t trying to take individual feelings into consideration. I believe the rhetorical appeal is pathos the poet uses the metaphors  ‘prison’ ‘gun’ ‘solitary confinement to persuade the audience to feel empathy and for them to connect with her. 





Gore, Al. “To Skeptics on Global Warming . . .” The New York Times, Accessed 30 October, 2019.

In “To Skeptics on Global Warming . . .,”Al Gore supports his argument that global warming is a real and serious matter by presenting the most commonly deployed questions by global warming deniers coupled with the scientific responses in order to provide a ‘final’ response for naysayers. His tone is one that is meant to address the supposed concerns that deniers have continued to use in their political arguments in order to inform the public at large that global climate change is real and in his opinion, “the single most serious manifestation of a larger problem: the collision course between industrial civilization and the ecological system that supports life” on earth. In presenting his argument in this manner it becomes clear, as his op-ed appears in The New York Times, that his targeted audience is the American public. These are the individuals who he wants to make aware of the fact that politicians are denying the real and perilous impact climate change has on the livelihood of the American people. Gore presents the Bush Administration’s stance, by providing a directive given to policymakers advising them that ”a better approach is to raise the many uncertainties,” around global warming. The purpose in Gore’s argument in presenting this information to his audience is to then provide the commonly used questions with definitive responses backed by research and scientific findings. One such question elicits the response that, “it is irresponsible to assume that after moving in tandem with carbon dioxide for 160,000 years, temperatures will not be affected by those dramatic increases,” illustrating the direct connection between carbon dioxide emissions and temperature change. In using scientific findings, Gore provides logical reasoning as one method to convince his audience of the urgency of the issue. To add to the sense of urgency in his claim, Gore refers to global trends that have seen “unprecedented population growth and new technologies for burning fuels, clearing forests and manufacturing chemicals [that] have given humankind the ability to alter the composition of the atmosphere.” In doing so, he solidifies his argument that climate change is affected by modern industrialization in a way that it is a clear domino effect. Gore wants skeptics, including the Bush Administration to know that global warming is a scientifically proven reality in order to encourage the public to urge lawmakers to “act now or it will be much worse than predicted.” This statement further emphasizes the impact humanity’s abuse of the environment has for all species and generations to come. 

Kaufman, Kenn. “Opinion: As a birder, I see the effects of climate change every day. Now, Audubon has quantified the threat.” Los Angeles Times, Accessed 10 October 2019.

Kaufman presents his argument through the venue of the Los Angeles Times in order to reach a readership from both sides of the political spectrum. The rise in global temperature is particularly notable for birdwatchers due to the direct impact warmer temperatures have on the habitable ranges for specific bird species. Kaufman uses current research from the National Audubon Society where “scientists analyzed the current geographic ranges of 604 North American bird species, and modeled how those ranges would change at different levels of warming” to strengthen his argument. In presenting the argument in this manner, the author appeals to the logical correlation between increased global temperatures and the emotional investment birdwatchers have as a group of individuals regardless of varying political views with a shared passion – birds. Birds, as a focal point, appeal to hobbyists and conservationists alike. Kaufman ensures that the targeted audience is convinced, noting that with the increase in temperature swaths of bird species will no longer exist. This statement implies the correlative and fatal impact of global temperature rise, which is the destruction of entire ecosystems. In presenting these findings in this manner, Kaufman’s tone evokes urgency and concern within the reader and thus further convincing the reader of his claim. 

Lee, Bryan. “E-Commerce’s Efficiencies May Help Reduce Pollution.” The Wall Street Journal, Accessed 31 October 2019.

Lee claimed that the growth in e-commerce led by publicized internet use can save huge amount of energy and pollution. He supports the claim where “The U.S. experienced economic growth of about 4% annually in 1997 and 1998” and “During those same two years, the nation’s energy consumption — the principal source of air pollution and gases linked to global warming — hardly grew at all.” Information-technology companies’ growth allowed the economic gains without making pollution. Also, Lee made argument that rise in e-commerce allows energy saving delivery. This argument is supported by “The delivery truck uses just 10% of the energy equivalent of the consumer’s car trip.” Instead of going to physical bookstore or stores, delivery to where it is needed is a chance to reduce energy consumption up to 90%. Energy savings from the decrease in retail space is other significant claim by Lee. He cited analysis to support his claim by stating “By 2007, e-commerce could eliminate the need for 1.5 billion square feet of  retail space, or 5% of the U.S. total,” and “The resulting energy savings would replace the output of 21 average-size power plants, preventing the release of 35 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.” Therefore, online retailers such as Amazon can save retail space and energy.

Maier, Stephanie. “Op-Ed: Investors are getting closer to a climate change tipping point.” CNBC, Accessed 27 October 2019.

As an investor, Stephanie Maier presents her argument in a manner that is accessible to other business-minded individuals. By presenting her argument in this manner, Maier utilizes the discourse commonly heard in the business world presenting her audience with facts and projections to garner their interest and ensure their attention by highlighting that there is an expected “$23 trillion in global losses . . . with a 4°C rise in global temperatures.” In addition, Maier appeals to her audience by noting the current trend that can be seen in the investment world with “ investor shareholder engagement [becoming] mainstream [and in turn] opening up a new front in the drive to decarbonize the global economy.” This provides a sense of momentum and heightened awareness that is needed by her audience to ensure that they are relevant and involved in the fiduciary health of their companies to ensure that their investments are successful and productive in the global markets. Maier is worried that climate change has a significant effect on global economy but she mentioned in hopeful voice that we avoid economic crisis caused from global warming if owners of big companies and head of nations have responsibility from ownership.  

Payne, Daniel. “Don’t go vegan to save the planet. You can help by being a better meat-eater.” USA TODAY, Accessed 27 October 2019.

Daniel Payne’s argument supports more environmentally and humane ways to eat meat, “consumers now have the option of buying better, cleaner, more humanely raised and less environmentally destructive meat,” in order to persuade meat-eaters to choose their meat with their wallets. It is clear that his intended audience are not individuals who are already vegetarian or vegan but rather individuals who consume meat regularly because Payne’s tone is one from the standpoint of a meat eater. He provides facts regarding the health benefits of eating animals as a part of human evolution to ensure that his stance is not confused with that of promoting veganism by stating “Human beings are part of a long meat-eating evolutionary chain stretching back millions of years; our bodies and our physiology have been shaped countless millennia of a meat-rich omnivorous diet.” In doing so, he ensures that his targeted audience does not become skeptical of his opinion as he is not trying to make them stop their eating habits. Instead, his argument is for meat eaters to change their spending habits as he uses facts that meat from animals that have lived healthy, happy lives produce better quality meat for consumption. In addition, Payne is able to illustrate the secondary results of eating ethically treated animals which is the environmental impact, saying “Healthier meat also makes for a healthier local environment, which can over time lead to a healthier climate. At a time of growing concern about pending catastrophic climate change, this benefit can’t be overlooked.” This connection is made clearer for the audience to ensure that his audience is convinced and committed to select the more expensive but overall morally and ethically better meat choice.

Schoonover, Rod. “The White House Blocked My Report on Climate Change and National Security.” The New York Times, Accessed 16 October 2019.

Dr. Schoonover, who worked as an intelligence analyst for the federal government, and focused on the impact of environmental and climate change on national security in the U.S., presents an ethical appeal to the reader for his decision to resign from his position. Considering the political climate in which Dr. Schoonover is presenting his argument and the venue in which it is presented, the target audience he is addressing is not individuals on the far political right but rather moderates to more left centered individuals. In order to appeal to this audience, which has a range of opinions and stances with regards to climate change, he highlights his educational background to establish his position as an authority in the realm of scientific inquiry. Dr. Schoonover expresses his admiration as a senior analyst for the Bureau of Intelligence and Research at the State Department by highlighting that it was “home.” He also expresses reverence for the position he once held as it is “the oldest civilian intelligence agency in the government . . .well known for its history of analytic sharpness and courageous dissent.” To ensure that his audience does not suspect his increasing frustrated tone to be connected to a dissident political view, he highlights the “apolitical nature of [his] work.” Dr. Schoonover then  uses his position, as a well-versed and dedicated scientist, to fortify his stance with regard to the negative impact climate change has on our national security. Throughout the piece, Dr. Schoonover combines this admiration for the work and the position he once held with concern and frustration with the current administration’s stance which “blocked the submission of [his] bureau’s written testimony on the national security implications of climate change to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.” He elicits sympathy from his readers as he recounts how he was repeatedly not received by the administration because his findings illustrated the negative effects climate change has on national security. In presenting his stance in this manner, Dr. Schoonover makes it clear that his act of resignation is directly due to the outright denial of the facts that his work presented to the current administration due to the fact that “the scientific foundation of the analysis did not comport with the administration’s position on climate change.” It evokes fear in the readers as they realize that despite the best intentions and unbiased manner in which Dr. Schoonover attempted to present his findings to the Trump Administration, there was an outright denial and distrust of the scientifically analysed reports.


Amberly Wegele

Amberly Wegele

Prof. Jewell

ENG 1101

26 October 2019

Country Music 

  1. Jolene – Dolly Parton 

In this piece, Dolly sings about a woman who is capable of taking her “man” from her and begs her not to take him. She compares herself to Jolene and exclaims how she herself could never find anyone else to love, whereas Jolene, who is more beautiful than herself, could find anyone at any time and begs her to do so. Dolly claims a bank worker who flirted with her husband Carl Dean inspired her to write Jolene and wrote the song while her husband began spending time with the bank worker. The song gave of a lighthearted tone while the lyrics were laced with a melancholic tone. Dolly uses pathos as she pleads and repeats Jolene’s name throughout the song. She says, “there’s nothing I can do to keep from crying when he calls your name Jolene… You could have your choice of men but I could never love again he’s the only one for me Jolene ” (Parton, Dolly. “Jolene.” Jolene, 1974. Spotify, As she sings this, she triggers a feeling of sadness in her listeners as she mentions that she cries because her husband calls out another woman’s name in his sleep. Listeners also feel pity as she compares her love life with Jolene’s as she says that Jolene could get any man she wants because of her beautiful looks, meanwhile she can’t and isn’t beautiful enough to capture another man’s love. Dolly begs Jolene to leave her “man” alone and by doing so she gets her listeners to side with her while she makes them feel bad about her situationshe’s being cheated on with a woman way more beautiful than her and she’s going to lose her one and only love, her listeners can feel bad and even relate as they enjoy the sad lyrics mixed with the upbeat instrumentals.

  1. Before He Cheats – Chris Tompkins and Josh Kear (performed by Carrie Underwood)

The song is about a woman catching her partner cheating on her and getting revenge. She sings about how he’s cheating and sings about keying his truck, making him think again before cheating. The song’s tone is aggressive as Carrie sings, “I dug my key into the side of his pretty little souped-up four-wheel drive, carved my name into his leather seats” (Underwood, Carrie. “Before He Cheats.” Some Hearts, 2006. Spotify The song contains pathos as the singer rages on about her cheating boyfriend. She wants her audience to know that cheating has consequences as she says, “I took a Louisville slugger to both headlights, I slashed a hole in all four tires, maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats” (Underwood, Carrie. “Before He Cheats.” Some Hearts, 2006. Spotify This shows the anger the singer portrays as she vandalizes the cheater’s car and then implies that he should think twice before cheating ever again. She wants everyone to know that cheating will lead to terrible consequences. 

  1. Ready, Set, Don’t Go – Billy Ray Cyrus

This song sends out parental feelings as Billy sings about his daughter moving and leaving him. He’s a father who raised his daughter with love and she’s moving away, any parent would be sad and heartbroken. Billy wrote this with Casey Beathard and sang this to his daughter who was moving away, he wrote it to touch other parents’ hearts and to let children and his daughter know how much they mean to their parents. He uses pathos to convey his message as he says, “She says things are fallen into place Feels like they’re fallen apart I painted this big old smile on my face To hide my broken heart” (Cyrus, Billy Ray. “Ready, Set, Don’t Go.” Home At Last, 2007. Spotify Billy sets the tone of sadness and longing as he implies that his heart is broken but he puts on a smile for his daughter who’s moving away because it’s what’s best for her. This can trigger sadness in the listeners, especially his daughter. Parents who listen will be able to relate and think about how it’s for the best that they move away and the children will be able to understand their parents will miss them.

  1. Achy Breaky Heart – Don Von Tress (performed by Billy Ray Cryus)

This song was about a man singing about a breakup and begging her to not make it official. Billy sings about how she could let everyone know they were over, but once she tells him and his heart that they’re over, he’ll be broken into pieces. Billy uses pathos as he sings, You can tell the world you never was my girl, You can burn my clothes up when I’m goneif you tell my heart, My achy breaky heart, He might blow up and kill this man” (Tress, Don Von. “Achy Breaky Heart.” Some Gave All 1992. Spotify ). This shows his use of pathos as he mentions that once his heart knows it’s over, then his heart will break and he’ll be broken up. He wants to relate to his audience that have experienced breakups and heartbreaks and have them know that they’re not alone and to have others know how a breakup might affect the other person.

  1. 9 To 5 – Dolly Parton

In Dolly’s song “9 To 5”, Dolly sings about inequality in the workplace that women face. She makes the song and lyrics upbeat to have it attract listeners while also making the lyrics inform those who listen as she says “Tumble outta bed and I stumble to the kitchen…It’s a rich man’s game… And you spend your life puttin’ money in his wallet(Parton, Dolly. “9 To 5.” 9 To 5 And Odd Jobs, 1980. Spotify ). Showing how she goes from upbeat lyrics to serious relatable lyrics to draw listeners in. She sings about how she works hard, from 9 to 5, trying her best, with potential to surpass the males in her job, but in the end the men dismiss her or take her ideas. She uses pathos as she says, “They just use your mind… never give you credit… They let you dream just to watch ’em shatter, You’re just a step on the boss-man’s ladder…” (Parton, Dolly. “9 To 5.” 9 To 5 And Odd Jobs, 1980. Spotify ). This shows how she’s broadcasting the issues women face in the workplace, using phrases that women can strongly relate to, forming an emotional bond with the listeners to the song. This song is a way of relating to struggling women in the workplace and letting people know that women struggle no matter how hard they work. 

  1. Take Me Home, Country Roads – Bill Danoff, Taffy Nivert, John Denver (performed by John Denver)

The song is about someone being home sick and reminiscing his old home. He sings about how great it is and how he wants to go back. The tone is very reminiscent and soothing. As John sings, “take me home To the place I belong, West Virginia… All my memories gather round her…” ( Denver, John. “Take Me Home, Country Roads.” Poems, Prayers, and Promises 1971 Spotify . This demonstrates the writer and singer’s use of pathos as they combine their feelings with West Virginia and call it a home with memories. Many people relate to this because many move out of their childhood homes and feel sad when they look back at their memories because of the sentimental value their old home. The song triggers memories of the listeners’ old homes and makes them reminisce just as the song writer and singer wants.  


Crime Bibliography


Aboubacar Kone 




-Steve Vogel. ”Police described the school itself as one of the most horrific crime scenes that many had ever encountered and officials said the first arriving responders would be given counseling”



Accessed 31 October 2019.


The mass school shootings going on in today’s world were cruel and traumatizing. People who experienced it and are scarred .Drastic measures should be taken in protecting the school , teachers ,and students. Steven Vogel used the viewpoints of the victims , officers, and president Obama to make the readers feel sympathy. The author uses pathos to show the audience how the tragedy in a small town can affect the entire world and how kids and parents had to go through a tragedy .School shootings are a tragedy here in the U.S and many counter measures were created after to prevent these such things .


-Charles M. Blow. ”Trayvon is black. Zimmerman is not.”


Accessed 01 November 2019.


A story to remember by all Americans. The murder of Trayvon Martin a discriminated young man was pursued by a neighborhood watch . George Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch who had suspicions of Trayvon he called 911 and told him to not pursue Trayvon . He pursued and confronted him it started getting physical and Zimmerman fired shots when all Trayvon had was a pack of Skittles .He was murdered in cold blood . Charles M. Blow states “Trayvon is black .Zimmerman is not “ which shows this encounter was racially biased which can be the case of some murders involving the law. Charles Blow uses pathos to persuade the audience this murder was based off Racial profiling and abuse of power .


-Jod Nordheimer . ”Theodore Bundy among the most notorious killers in recent times, was  electrocuted today, and about 200 people gathered outside the entrance of the Florida State Prison cheered when they heard the news.”


Accessed 01 November 2019


Ted Bundy sexually assaulted and killed several women in 5 different places. Washington,Oregon,Colorado,Utah,and Florida throughout 1974 to 1978.He confessed to over 25 murders. He usually Sexually abused them first then mutilated them . People believed he committed  more murders he was later arrested and sentenced to death on the electrocution chair .The author uses logos to give the audience reasoning that Ted Bundy was a cold and immoral person.


-Gabe Paoletti “Harvey Glatman took his victims out to the desert to strangle them, but not before taking some disturbing photos of them first.” 


Accessed 01 November 2019 


Harvey Glatman was given the name The Glamour Girl Slayer. When Glatman was in Highschool he tied up a classmate and raped her . He continued to sexually harass women , he was arrested often. He used his job as a television repairman to get into houses and molest more females .He was eventually arrested and put in a gas chamber in September 1959. The author uses to logos to give the audience reasoning to show that Harvey Glatman was a deranged criminal . 


-Katie Serena “The massacre had been carefully planned and executed by notorious mobster Al Capone, to eliminate a rival gang boss, George “Bugs” Moran.”


Al Capone was a famous gangster who was feared throughout the Prohibition Era . Al Capone had the police in his pocket forcing his way into an enemy warehouse. They believed they were getting arrested but then Al Capone and his men emptied out a 20 round box magazine and a 50 round drum. A rival member named Frank Gusenberg was taken to the hospital and was asked who shot him and didn’t snitch . The audience gets the view that Al Capone was a feared and cruel criminal. He used his money and power to become on top .


-James Baron. “The families assembled at ground zero again, the place where nearly 3,000 people died on that bright September morning.”


18 years ago terrorists hijacked airplanes and crashed into the twin towers at 8:46 am which hit one tower and followed with another and also hit the pentagon. A tragic day of which of all of America will forever remember the terrorist attack of 9/11/2001.This tragic landmark was later changed into the freedom towers where all the heroes and victims names were carved . The author uses pathos to make the audience sympathize with the event 9/11.