Police brutality and shooting

Philip Kumi,


police brutality and shooting started in 1872. I want to educate my audience about this incident and how they can protect themselves. The audience are black people. I specifically chose this audience because they are the people who are affected by it the most and research shows that as well. According to the police violence mapping website, “one thousand one hundred and forty-seven people were killed by the police and within those numbers, black people were twenty-five percent of the people who have been killed by the police and they are only thirteen percent of the population.” There is a huge gap between black, white and Hispanics when it comes to police brutality and shooting. I want to educate my audience about police brutality and what they can do when they are stopped by the police. My message to black people is, police brutality and shooting cannot be stopped but there are different things we can do to not fall victim of police brutality and shooting. We can all come together, educate ourselves on how we can reduce police brutality and shootings in our communities. We can organized campaign and workshops to educate our fellow black youth about police brutality and how they can conduct themselves when stopped by the police. We also need to be enlightened about the law and our rights and ways we can fight back legally when oppressed or abused by the police. There are firms and attorneys who are willing to participate in these campaigns about police brutality and ways we can hold the police responsible for their actions. An example is the Julian Castro campaign. This campaign is organized to end police brutality and they are dedicated to helping minorities and people affected by this situation to fight for their rights. My goal is to change both side’s opinions about each other and to let them act differently towards each other. Sometimes I feel like black people are at fault. They act aggressively towards the police and that makes the police reply in a form of violence. I also feel that the police act abusively towards black people because of the criminal stigma associated with black people and overall both sides need some education and should use a different approach towards each other. There are steps that we can follow when stopped by the police according to the NYCLU “we can protect ourselves by not interfering with the police in case of random search. Remaining silent and listening to the police attentively. Showing the police your identification card, insurance or driver’s license. Controlling your words, body language, and emotions. Not running or getting into an argument with the police. Keeping your hands where the police can see. Not touching the police officer, and lastly asking for a lawyer immediately after your arrest.” These are easy steps that we can follow and educate others in order to not become victims of police brutality and shooting. We need to know our rights when stopped by the police. We have rights everywhere we go, according to the criminal justice degree hub, we have certain rights such as the right to arm bears on ourselves, in our houses and when traveling. The fourth amendment the right to protection, the right to explain yourself calmly during searches by the police, your Miranda right which is the right to remain silent anything you say will be used against you in court and the right to an attorney and if you cannot afford one. An attorney will be provided for you, the right to peacefully protest in public, the right to have an attorney present at the airport when questioned by the police and lastly the right to stop the police from entering your house without a warrant.” There are certain things that the police cannot do as well. They can only use their guns when they see objects. According to the American Bar Association, In 2017 a white police officer who was video-recorded killing an unarmed black motorist in north charleston was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison”. This shows that the police can only be convicted and sentenced based on evidence. What we can all do is to turn our cell phone recording button on when interacting with the police besides that we can also videotape these kinds of police interactions and brutality from far distance then later confronting the person or family member about what you have to be used as evidence in court for justice to be served. We can help ourselves and others who are victims of police brutality and shooting. Another tip is not holding objects when stopped by the police. According to the same article which is the Amerian Bar Association, “A police officer from Arizona shot a woman who was holding a large kitchen knife.” Holding objects when stopped by the police can seem as a threat to the police. They are human and in terms of situations like that, they will use what they have to protect themselves when they get terrified or frustrated. So we need to know these types of information to be safe from their negative actions. We are in a society that governed against us based on our skin color or our past criminal records so we need to act a certain type of way to not fall into their traps. When we come across incidents like this first we need to get a lawyer or an attorney who will understand our situation. Secondly we need to present any evidence we have in court to persuade the judge to rule in favor of us and lastly, regardless of our pain we should try and remain calm, treat the police with respect and use the appropriate language when stopped by the police. We need to know this basic information in order to take legal procedures when they abuse their power or act illegally towards us.


Message to the police department.

The majority of us black people might have criminal records but that does not give you the right to criminalize the whole community. In every community, there are good people and bad people you can’t characterize the whole people as criminals because people who have similar skin color as those who are committing crimes. Our society needs a social change, your role is to protect people not to abuse and killed people. Based on the New York Times article, “a 28 years old woman named Jefferson was shot by the police through her window because the police received a phone call from the neighbor saying that he had noticed the light was on in the middle of the night and is not normal for them.  meanwhile, Ms Jefferson was playing video games with her cousin. The officer later resigned and was arrested.” This shows that shooting can affect both sides. We the people can be affected the most but the police can end up losing their job or being sentenced. In this case, the police were supposed to present him or herself as a police and ask the person’s permission to go for a random search. Everything should be done calmly if there is no illegal possessions. The police should never take action or use their weapons without any investigation or confrontation.



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Who has a say in abortion Males or Females?

Jae Rose


       People have different opinions on who should have the say in abortions. I’ve had many conversations with some of my friends about this situation because it’s something that people think about if they were in this situation. Both audiences (males and females) have their opinions whether on who really has the say. Men feel left out when women have an abortion because since it’s there child too, the feel that this is some part where there words matter. For the females, they believe that since they will be the ones carrying the baby they should have the say because there doing the heavy lifting During this assignment I would like to persuade my audience that females should be the ones to decide whether or not they should  keep the baby or not. My messages would get across by me writing 2 separate letters to the women and men having it in clinics. The purpose for me having these two separate letters in clinics is to have the males and females have a just a certain mindset about having a say in abortions. They should listen to me because of the research I’ve been digging up and just that it’s straight facts that they should take into consideration.


Dear males,

This message is for you guys. I know that you guys feel that you guys also  should have a say in this situation but it is the females body and they do whatever but only to a certain circumstance. Females have up to week eight to have an abortion. They have 8 weeks because the fetus is not yet developed as of yet. According to “Thebump.com” it states “During week 8 of your pregnancy the baby is big as a raspberry and weighs about 0.4 ounces” so from this statement females have until week eight to have an abortion because it’s not developed. If it’s over this limit then technically it’s killing it. Women should be the only ones who decides to keep a child. If they don’t they don’t get rid of it on purpose. That’s what you guys have to understand and respect the fact that they have abortions because it would interfere with things like there education or work at that moment and they are not yet ready for a child. According to “Guttmacher.org” it states that “ in the study, researchers from Guttmacher Institute compared quantitative data from 2004 and 1987 surveys and found that the main reason women cited for ending pregnancies were the same on both: having a baby would dramatically interfere with their education, work or ability to care for their dependents or they could not afford a baby at that time” another good statement women get abortions is because of personal reasons like rape. Just put yourself in a situation like that. If a man raped, would you keep the baby? According to “CNN.com” (“women have abortions for many reasons aside from rape an invest”) it states that  “the reasons why women get abortions are varied and personal. For some, it was because they were victims of rape or incest. Some were in abusive relationships and others weren’t ready”. From this I’m trying to say that you shouldn’t pressure a women on having a baby because it’s gonna be her carrying it. I had came across an women stated her opinion on the topic that completely backs up the statement that women should have the final say in having an abortion. According to “yahoo answers” this women say that a women should have the final say in having a baby or not. She had made an example “what else the women was raped”. She states no matter what you think about abortion, if you’ve never been raped, if you’ve never felt the shame and the self hate , if you’ve never spent a year unable to sleep because the man who raped you is always in the shadows…then you absolutely have no right to judge . You have no idea what it feels like to complete carrying the child of the person who violated you” this person goes deep and I feel that she’s right. Where I’m trying to get at is that women should have the say to keep or baby or not because they go through a lot of stress. They should be able to decide whether or not to keep it. I’ve brought up the tapes part because I’m showing that women don’t have abortion on purpose. I’m staying that women should have a say because it effects there life. I hope you guys get what I’m trying to say. It’s just up to a women to make the final say whether on not they should keep the baby or not.

Sincerely, Jae Rose




Dear females,


Even though I’m on your side about you guys having the final say in having a child or not I would just like to inform you guys about the risks of having an abortion just to have in mind when having one. Having an abortion can do many things to your body that you probably didn’t know about. According to “ramahinternational.org”, abortion may lead to future medical problems for the mother. This source states the abortion risks for the mother. “ A cut or torn cervix, incomplete removal of unborn child, placenta or contents of the uterus requiring an additional operation, complications from anesthesia such as respiratory problems, nausea, vomiting, and headaches, inability to get pregnant due to infection from operation, and also heavy bleeding”. Another statement is that having a abortion can sadly lead you to not have any more children.According to nhs.uk(“Can having an abortion affect my fertility”), it states that “there’s a very small risk to your fertility and future pregnancies if you develop a womb infection during the procedure that’s not treated promptly”. The infection can actually spread to your Fallopian tubes and ovaries. If you have an infection get  medical advice as soon as possible if you experience any signs of infection after an abortion. This last statement I feel is the main think you guys should pay attention to because it’s really important. There is a such thing as an unsafe  abortion. So be careful. Unsafe abortion occurs when a pregnancy is terminated either by persons lacking the necessary skills or in an environment that does not conform to minimal medical standards, or both.According to “world health organization” it states that “They are less safe, when done using outdated methods like sharp curettage even if the provider is trained or if women using tablets do not have access to proper information or to a trained person if they need help. Any woman with an unwanted pregnancy who cannot access safe abortion is at risk of unsafe abortion. Women living in low-income countries and poor women are more likely to have an unsafe abortion. Deaths and injuries are higher when unsafe abortion is performed later in pregnancy. The rate of unsafe abortions is higher where access to effective contraception and safe abortion is limited or unavailable.” These are some of the risk that women would need to be reminded of when getting an abortion. So females, please be careful when having an abortion. Make sure you speak to your doctor and stay safe.


Sincerely, Jae Rose



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