All the authors talked about the price of the food in new york city. Some argued that is very expensive and is not worth the taste of the food, the rest argued that the food here is affordable. All the authors also talked about the location and the decoration of the restaurants whether is fancy, cozy or had bad decoration. They also focused on the service that was offered and the food variations in restaurants, what influenced their menu and the chef’s style of cooking. What they also have in common is the audience they are trying to persuade. Their main audience was people living in new york and the secondary audience was people coming for a vacation in New York. What I have learned is that most of the restaurants in new york are just known for their luxurious environments and decoration but their food doesn’t taste good. Also, some people advertise and show healthy menus but in reality, their foods are not healthy, they focus more on the food tasting good but not the health benefits. I also saw some transitions in the text, most of the authors will start with positive comments or critics on the restaurants then end their articles with the negative critics. Some of the authors build their information on the negative critics and some also expands on the positive critic. Some also will start positively then give some negative critics in the body paragraph then conclude with strong positive comments that can overshadow the negative comments. They basically give two sides but expand more on the positive side. I want to know do people in new york city read these articles and use them whenever they go to restaurants or they just read the articles and go to restaurants without paying attention to details.


What i learned about myself as a writer is procrastination. Procrastination can prevent people from doing further research and finding more information. My strength is breaking down text, though my research i have realised that i can actually break down different texts and identify all the major components and ideas. I would like to do more research, read more articles and make real life connections to the text for better understanding. I need to work on procrastination and i can only improve if i don’t procrastinate. I also have to work on distraction and the materials that stop me from doing my work. Cell phones and social media can be a huge distraction to students. It can be very useful in terms of research but it can let students slack off or get off track when use regularly. My vocabulary was also improving and I was using all my resources for word definitions and general understanding. I normally skip over complex vocabulary but i was able to make good use of my resource this time. Lastly is self discipline, I have been following all my academic rules and regulations, meeting deadlines, working towards grades and making appointments with professors to discuss grades and how I can become a good student.

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