Depression Among College Students

Baldip Singh



          Depression is the most common health problem for college students. Students can easily feel anxious trying to balance school, work, friends and family while also trying to figure out the rest of their lives. Recent research indicates that young adult college students experience increased levels of depression, anxiety, and stress. Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health problems on college campuses. Over 39% of college students “felt so depressed that it was difficult to function” at least once during the 2016-2017 academic school year. Over 60% of college students have felt overwhelmed by anxiety at least once in the last 12 months. It is a big problem in the US. 


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           What causes depression? Depression can be caused by a number of things. Lack of sleep is one of the most known causes. Nobody is at their best after they have had no sleep the night before. It is likely to have a massive effect on our temper in addition to our ability to perform our day to day chores. A lack of sleep will have an adverse effect on us in severe approaches, such as making us much more likely to be affected by depression. Another cause can be TV. We are often told as kids that we should not be spending too much time in front of the TV. For some reason, though, we tend not to follow such advice as adults and many people spend many hours a day glued to it. The inactivity is not healthy for us and it can also cause other problems as well. Many professionals experience that too much TV is a strong contributor to acute depression. Patients can get so emotionally worried with shows and films that they may be able to have an extended-lasting impact on their well being. In some instances, TV shows and movies may even make sufferers experience suicidal thoughts. Remember that TV is ok in itself, but it should  be watched best cautiously and the borders between truth and fiction have to no longer be crossed. 


         Tough decisions. We all have to make choices at some point in our lives. These can range from what to have for dinner, to potentially life-changing decisions such as a change in career. It can be difficult to choose at times and sometimes we will have to make a decision that will involve disappointing another person. Some people find decision making more difficult than others, though. For some people, having to make decisions can even lead to depression. It could even be simple decisions that have little to no long-term impact, such as which dress to buy. Making even simple decisions can often be an overwhelming experience for some people. In recent decades we have learned a great deal about how our diet affects our health. This means how it affects us physically and also mentally. A good, balanced diet helps us to be physically fit while also helps to ensure that we are in good shape mentally. We have also identified various foods containing ingredients that can help to prevent depression. Omega 3 fatty acids are compounds that are commonly found in fish, particularly salmon. Studies have shown that these fatty acids can help to regulate compounds in our brains that can help prevent depression. In addition to eating plenty of salmon, a good diet overall will help you feel better physically and mentally.


             Another cause can be relationships. The people around us will have a considerable impact on our overall well-being. They can make us happy and they can make us sad, and they can get into every aspect of how we live our lives. Unfortunately, having the wrong kind of relationships can also contribute to depression. Even a small disagreement can stay on somebody’s mind and contribute to them becoming depressed. Studies have shown that children that don’t have good relationships with their siblings and other family members are more likely to experience depression as adults. Bad relationships with someone you love can give you bad thoughts all the time and can even make you suicidal.



                                                                                       Baldip Singh



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           Depression is a big problem for college students as they aren’t mature enough yet to make the best decisions for themselves. Lack of sleep, watching an excessive amount of television, having to make tough decisions, what you eat and do not eat, and your relationships are big causes of depression among college students. Every student is different and goes through different circumstances so these can’t apply to everyone but these are the most common and leading causes of depression amongst college students. You might be going through depression because of these things and can’t help yourself. We all here have felt overwhelmed by something in life, anxiety over it may have lead to depression. You thought that once you complete the task at hand, our problems would disappear and so would our sorrow, but it stayed. Everyday you question whether or not it’s worth it or not. That’s what it’s like to be dealing with depression. There is no cure for depression but it can be treated. If you know someone who might be going through depression or a tough time in their life you could help them. Some things that can cause depression are abuse, people who have been abused, whether physically or mentally have a higher chance of going through depression later on in life. Major events. Events such as a new job, getting married/in a relationship can lead to depression. So can moving, losing a job or income, getting divorced, or retiring. It is very common as you are moving on to a new experience. Loss of a loved one is the most common way to go through depression. You will feel empty inside because you in fact lost a part of yourself. It is very hard to get back to normal after that. These are just some of the causes of depression and don’t apply to everyone. Everyone is different and have gone through their own individual experiences that might be too much for them to handle. All I want to say is that if you or if you know someone who might be going through depression should go to a psychiatrist. Michelle Newman, a professor of psychology at Penn State University says how depression can be treated better by talking to a professional instead of taking drugs to temporarily ease you.  




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          Acceptance speeches are speeches said by the recipient of an award or prize. In all of the speeches that I looked at for my topic I noticed that everyone was very considerate. They want to make sure that the other nominees don’t feel bad and sometimes will even talk about them and why they also deserved this award. The speeches usually start off very slow and get more touching throughout the entire speech. Most of the famous speeches are given at the Oscars so you best believe that the world will be watching. Speakers such as Leonardo Decaprio used that to his advantage as he talked about global warming. It made an immediate impact as global warming was one of the most searched topics on google the very next morning. The speakers tend to be very open as some of them even cry and use emotional appeal to connect to their audience. Recipients  usually try their best to gain sympathy from their audience as they will say how they how they struggled a lot early on in their life and convince their audience that if they never give up, they can achieve anything. These speeches almost always open and close with the speaker thanking his or her friends, family and everyone who was there for them. What I learned while watching and listening to the speeches was how the speakers will almost always try to be down to earth and use simple words to really reach their audience. When you use fancy words that your audience can’t understand they tend to drift off and not pay attention. So the speakers will tend to just write the bare minimum and just try to say everything off of the top of their head. I also learned that the speeches will tend to be really short, two to three minutes each. The speakers tend to do that because the more they say the less value it holds. It will also bore their audience if the speech is five whole minutes long. What i would like to learn is how the speakers can come up with such deep and touching speeches and say them in front of thousands of people and millions to see. 


        What I learned about myself as an author is that sometimes you learn from your own writing. As I was reading and watching these speeches I didn’t connect to them but when I started to write about them, I began to have a better understanding about them and relate to them more. I realized that you can’t make a reader understand your writing if you yourself aren’t confident and can’t relate to what you are writing about. When I was watching the Kevin Durant’s MVP speech I wasn’t really affected by it even though I was watching a grown man cry in front of thousands of people and say how his mom struggled a lot to put food on the table. When I started writing about it though it was a whole different story because I felt like I was writing about my dad growing up. He also had a hard time as he was the only son who had to provide for his family as well. It really touched me because it felt like I was in the audience and my dad was giving the speech. Going forwards I would like to use more details in my writing and I will also like to state them clearly.


Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame speech


 Michael Jordan’s Basketball Hall of Fame induction speech was Jordan at his most honest, his most real. He cried, thanked his friends and family, praised his so-called enemies and proved that he is forever  the most competitive person alive. In this speech Michael proved to the world that despite all the trash talking he did on the court he was a totally different person off it. He felt sorry for his kids because of the high expectations that they have to live with being the son of arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. After an earlier news conference where he did his best to sound humble, Jordan’s big speech was littered with his own tears and his own jokes, and most were good-natured, but he made it a point to recognize those who have inspired him over the years. It was certainly befitting his reputation, and it wasn’t all that funny.


A Lesson Taught in Forth Grade

Baldip Singh                            

English 1101 

Professor B. Jewell

My Personal Experience


              An unfortunate experience that I have had with reading was doing a presentation and panicking. It was a really bad experience because it took me a really long time to get over it. It happened in the beginning of fourth grade so I didn’t even know anyone making the whole situation ten times worse. We were told to write about our summer and the best thing about it. I was really excited to write about mine because I had gone to Splish Splash and it was a really fun experience for me. The day that we were supposed to hand it in, we were told that we had to present it, which sent cold chills around my body. I happened to be a very shy kid and this was the beginning of the year so I didn’t even know anyone yet. 


            As everyone was presenting I heard the nervousness in their voice which made me feel better because I realized that I was not the only one who was worried. Then as my teacher called my name and I got up, it took me the longest to get up to the board and in that moment I instantly regretted sitting in the back. I introduced myself to the class and began reading. I read the first two sentences and was interrupted by the teacher as she told me to read louder and more slower. I thought she was exaggerating until the kids in the back were asked if they could hear me to which they said no. I began to read over and stopped after the third sentence, panicked and just started walking to my seat and sat down. My teacher being as kind as she was, didn’t question me and read my story, while sitting beside me. I was still nervous because I knew she wouldn’t do that for me another time.


          That experience taught me two things, to expect the unexpected and that I needed to work on reading out loud. My teacher was also on the same page as whenever we had to read something, I was always one of the people on her list to pick. I always felt like the odd one out because of that as I would always have to read the longer paragraphs. My teacher even told my parents that I struggled reading which made everything worse. My mom thought that making me read out loud as she cooked in the kitchen was a good idea. It was never much of a challenge reading out loud to my family because I just felt as if I’m talking to them, rather than this being something totally abnormal. However, the main issue was reading in front of a crowd that I was not very comfortable being around. That was why Fourth grade English was a class I strongly disliked. My parents cut down on my time watching TV and video games. The would instead make me read 25 pages before I went to be. It actually benefited me because my reading level increased and I was able to read much faster and more fluently. I still remember making my sister read ” Lord of the Flies” to me, even though I didn’t understand a lot of words it still fascinated me. Now when I look back at that class I realized that there will be bigger challenges but you will be accustomed to dealing with them.