Short Stories

Growing up, short stories were essential to everyone’s childhood whether it came from cinderella , snow white, red riding hood, goosebumps and ect, it impacted someone’s imagination. But people fail to realize that these short stories always had a message or a meaning to them. I fell in love with goosebumps because growing up reading those books increased my imagination and figurative language and inspired me to become a creative writer. The way the story resolved around every short story from goosebumps always gave chills or “goosebumps” all on my body, (ok I’ll stop).  And short stories tend to hold stronger messages such as red riding hood and snow white, i’m pretty sure the last time someone older than the age 17 has read those short stories was around 10 or 12 years ago, but still know the meaning behind these stories. Creative writing is also another way to put your imagination onto a paper and let whatever flows to your brain be drawn with words.

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  1. Eli,

    Your job in this post is to perform rhetorical analysis (see the annotated bibliography prompt for what to focus on here) of one text within your chosen genre–focus on the details of one short story (is this your genre?) to show how the author is trying to persuade her audience to do/think/feel something specific.

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