Mayy Abdelrahim

Professor Jewell 

December 04, 2019

Homeless on the street 


Speech to public New Yorkers 


Do you have a roof on top of your head? Do you have food available when you need it? Do you have access to water when it’s needed? And when it’s freezing outside, do you have clothes to keep you warm? If you answered yes to these questions, you’re probably not the thousands of people that are homeless and suffering on the street every day. What is like to be homeless living on the street, looking for a place to be safe. Pretending to be homeless for a day and actually being homeless are two entirely different things. I would be more impressed if the Mayor or people that worked for the government spent 30 days on the streets or experience a feeling of what’s it’s like to lose their money and house, for them to get a better idea of what it is like to be homeless. For those people that will be hearing this speech, you will still pass by the homeless like if they never existed even probably scared to have even 10 seconds to spare to hand over some pocket change that you will probably never use. Don’t think that every homeless person you see is on drugs or is alcohol. These people need help, and giving even 50 cents to someone in need can make a massive difference in that person’s day. Please, if you can help, do it. I understand that you work so hard for the money you make, but you will never know the story, the reason for them losing their home unless if you asked them. It is time for us to wake up and have some sympathy to stop the number of homelessness increases. Be thankful for what you have and share the rest to others that is desperately in need of money or food. Reminder, Would you like to take the train in the morning to go to work, school, doctor appointments, events without smelling a robust stinky smell on the transportation. Or would you like to walk down the street without someone bothering you with a disturbing sign “help i have kids to feed, help me with a spare change.” have you thought about the homeless people during wintertime.


New York is cold during winter, most likely under zero degrees in December through February. For those that are homeless, they live in the subway station or takes the train back and forth for them not to get caught by the police, but few of them have died from the cold. One thing that it is not mentioned are people who end up becoming homeless because of NATURAL DISASTERS, like Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and others. According to the article In an Era When Hurricanes and Wildfires Are Common, Homelessness Is an ‘Ongoing Disaster’ for Students Across the U.S. by Laura Fay “Hurricanes and wildfires that ravaged large portions of the U.S. in 2017 have increased the number of families experiencing homelessness and have renewed interest in the academic effects of not having stable housing…….More recently, two reports found that New York City is failing to provide homeless children with the services they need and that the number of homeless children in New York City is growing. Social workers are overwhelmed with cases, and often schools aren’t following up with parents when students are absent from their classes.” These are some of the reasons for teenage are taking drugs because of the pressure. Today let’s use social media to pass the message and keep other people aware of what’s happening on the streets of New York City. You may dream of having the best brand name of the car or an iPhone. Well, their dream is to have a roof on top of their heads. Let us not allow other people to suffer.



Dear. Mayor De Blasio,

I write this letter to you with deep concern about the homelessness happening in New York City. As the Mayor, you must fulfill your duties and responsibilities of ensuring safety and fighting for the best for the people of NYC. Homelessness in New York City is no joke, and day by day, it is getting worse. Since the great depression, homelessness has reached its highest it’s ever been in 2019. While you may seem to think that the most are done to help individuals that are homeless, you are wrong. Many things are going on in shelters and the streets that you and many of the people do not know about. Did you know that there are over 45,600 homeless children in NYC? Did you know that many individuals are women, pregnant women, elders, young, men and women are being turned away from shelters because there is not enough space? Did you know that homelessness has lead to mental illness, disorders, drug addictions, etc.?.Put yourself in any homeless person position, or imagine if your kids had to go through hardship because their parents simply can’t afford to pay for their rent or keep their house, nor can they be admitted to shelters because of “space.” I speak with great sadness, as I witness these individuals struggle every day and try to survive through freezing weather. Many of these individuals have gotten to where they are due to many reasons such as domestic violence, losing their jobs, unable to afford rent, hazardous house conditions, etc. What breaks my heart when I pass by a mother that is holding a child that is probably around six months that needs money. I recommend you to go out in the city and listen to the homeless that are suffering. Instead of providing them shelter that is full of negative influences such as drug addiction, rapists, criminals, etc. Why not offer them a home for three months, and that could give them time to look for a job and have someone that visits them for them to get an education on how to live a better style for them not to become homeless again, yet also to have someone to watch over them. That’s the benefit for the city to decrease the number of homeless and prevent them from staying on the street. Also, I would like for you to provide punishment in the shelter for these people that are messing around. 


Mayy Abdelrahim


Pop music sends messages behind it that can benefit individuals to understand the struggles that singers faced. I specifically choose the six songs that relate to pop music, such as “I was here” by Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, “I’d rather go blind” by Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, “New Rules” by Dua Lipa, “Sober” by Demi Lovato, “Firework” by Katy Perry, “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor. Overall, all six songs have in common expressing their feeling throughout there tone of voice, describing their struggles, relates to teenager’s strifes, and their videos play a significant effect on the song. Every music is stronger than another. They all have messages behind their music. For example, “Sober” by Demi Lovato, her message was to tell her fans that being drugs and alcohol addicts like her is not okay and thous who are struggling to seek help and never give up. She even mentions that she was sober for a couple of years but want back to her addiction. Yet, at the end of her song, she promised that she would look for help. Which she actually has done and got helped, and that tells her fans never to give up. She is so brave to tell everyone, even through song! I have so much respect for her because spreading the words through the song can quickly spread the words faster to commentate with people that are struggling to allow them to understand that they are not alone. And there is a chance for them to found help. Every song that was chosen seems to have struggles, but they all have different types of problems that are faced by everyday life, such as self confidants, sexuality, alcohol addiction, and a broken heart from loved ones. I have learned that nowadays, music is so popular that it’s faster to spread words. I would like to see more artist that has a beautiful and strong voice to take advantage and spread more messages to advise others to become better.

However, I have learned as a writer that I need more time to able to put all my thoughts together. Also, before I write, i like making a grid or a timeline to determine how I can start my first sentence. Writing isn’t my best straight, but I have become better in expressing my thoughts and feeling well, I’m writing. I have noticed from the Annotated Bibliography assignment, searching the lyrics can also have more meaning behind it. This task has taught me while searching for an expressly subject isn’t easy and can be frustrating sometimes but worth of search when you’re able to understand the overall message.

One of the topics that I have an interest in, an issue that can relate to me or the generation that I am experiencing. The reason it’s easy for me to able to write an essay that can relate to me because I can compare myself and the rounding me. However, I need to learn about extending my words and learn how to write creatively to make the reader not bored with the topics that I will be writing. For me to able to reach my goals on becoming better on writing. I need to focus wheel I’m writing, read many articles and books to gain experience also most importantly, practice, practice, and practice because that’s the only way i can get stronger with my writing.

Pop Music

Knowles-Carter, Beyoncé “I was here” (United Nations World Humanitarian Day Performance Video)


This song inspired everyone around the world, to remind us that we people should make valuable time in our lives. Once the time comes, let people remember you by your right actions. Once the music started playing, you could tell how passionate she was about her lyrics while she was performing on the stage. She stomped every time she hit the high notes; it also seems that she was very emotional towards the end of her song. She was shaking and tearing, but yet she never let her smile fade away from her face. The video from Beyonce’s music performance focuses more on the screen that is behind her. The video shows people from around the world that were suffering due to crisis and are being helped by those who reaches them. This song is very touching were a point fans at the performance are wiping down their tears. This song is absolutely a fantastic song that encourages people to make a difference in their lives.

To understand the reason that we are alive is to smile. Life is too short for us to be selfish and thinking about yourself. The message that she is sending to her audience that together, no matter what we have we have to be beside each other through bitter and sweet moments. The worst thing Beyonce is trying to prevent suffering alone. One of the strong line she sang “I wanna leave my footprints on the sands of time/ Know there was something that/ Meant something that I left behind/ When I leave this world/ I’ll leave no regrets/ Leave something to remember/ So they won’t forget.” for a person to remind other to support others show how big her heart.


Knowles-Carter, Beyoncé “I was here”


“I’d rather go blind,” sang by Beyonce, but originally  Etta James song, describes the deepest feelings of heartbreak.  A song that describes the emotions one feels when the love of your life is cheating on you. Seeing another lady with your man other than you kills every part of your soul to a point where you would rather go blind as Beyonce sings. Going through a heartbreak isn’t easy; it destroys someone mentally, physically, and emotionally, and in worse cases, makes you insecure and weak. “When I saw you and hear her talking/ Something deep down in my soul said, “cry, girl” (cry, cry)/ When I saw you and that girl walking around Ooh/ I would rather, I would rather go blind, boy/ Than to see you walk away from me”, strong words with powerful meaning as Beyonce sings how an  individual is deeply crushed by examining her partner drifting away with someone else, and still not be able to accept it in her head. When you love someone so hard that the mere existence without them, you would rather go blind than to see them with someone else. Imagine you love this person so much, but you realize that a person doesn’t love you back the same. James’s song doesn’t only describe her emotions about her heartbreak but also how she coped with it. She dealt with it by keep crying and writing other songs that can relate to her feelings. 


Lipa, Dua “New Rules”


This song is an excellent reflection of what would happen when a girl is going through a breakup. The first thing a girl would do is ask for advice from her group of her friends, specifically her girlfriends. I love this pop song because it’s different from the others. This song is precisely based on the name of the title from the song. Due tells the steps of what girls should be doing when the beginning of their break up. While Dua was singing, her friends in the video clip directing her not pick up the phone, which would be rule number one. ‘Not pick up the phone, you know he’s only calling because he’s drunk and alone. Rule number two ‘Don’t let him in, or you’ll have to kick him out again. Rule number three ‘don’t be his friend. ‘

Then Dua tells the other woman the same three rules as she had experienced the same conflict that Due went through. However, this song reminds us after a breakup we are weak and not strong enough to walk away but wanted to return back to commit mistakes and before making a wrong decision we go to our friends or close one just to get support from them or to stop us.  Dua song “New Rules” is basically about once a female goes through a breakup, she would be having her girls supporting her until she recovers. According to the clip Dua, once she recovers and passing the rules to her other friends that are just going through a new break up, they went for vacation. The video was straight to the point with no expiration on their faces, except at the beginning of the video, they had a sad face. Seriously this video has such a fantastic concept and lots of meanings that no matter what we individuals are not strong enough to hold our feelings toward toxic relationships and wanting to go back but without any support from a friend we would have been drowned.


Lovato, Demi “Sober.” Songwriters. Demi Lovato; Mark Landon; Tushar Apte; Sam Roman, June 21, 2018. Article Nick Romano, “ Demi Lovato confesses ‘I’m not sober anymore’ in new song” June 21, 2018

In this article, Nick Romano explains the journey and struggles that singer Demi Lovato went through early in her career. Many artists these days like to convey messages through their music, and Lovato is one of them. Lovato struggled with drugs and alcohol addiction. Lovato describes in her music how painful it was to go through addiction when she was alone. She was courageous enough to tell her audience what she’s been fighting through her music industry.

Lovato felt likes she owes an apology to her family and fans because she is considered to be a role model to many youngsters, and what she did is something that should never be encouraged. Even though its to explain whats she’s been going through and nobody would understand not unless if they were in her shoes. Like an addiction, it’s not easy for one to explain him or herself. She sings “Momma, I’m so sorry, I’m not sober anymore/ And daddy, please forgive me for the drinks spilled on the floor…. I’m sorry for the fans I lost/Who watched me fall again /I wanna be a role model /But I’m only human.” The fact that she said, “I’m only human,” she is expecting that no one will judge her from her weakness and put their place in her shoes. Notice how there are no high notes or any massive belts that are in most of her songs. She isn’t trying to impress anyone or make it a hit. This Is a song purely for her and her supporters. It’s just raw, beautiful, and full of emotion. Even the tone of the music is very emotional. While she was singing, it sounded like if she was broken inside. In the article, Romano mentions that towards the end of Sober, Lavato sings, “I’m sorry that I’m here again/ I promise I’ll get help/ It wasn’t my intention/I’m sorry to myself.” She released the album once she was recovered to inspire others who might be going through what she went through to seek help and never to give up. 


Perry, Katy “Firework”

Fireworks is a very beautiful song that has a very powerful meaning.  This song talks about revealing for has been hiding from the public such as sexuality, characters and who we are. It let us know that we shouldn’t be afraid to fight for what we believed in. Perry sings “You don’t have to feel like a waste of space/ You’re original, cannot be replaced/ If you only knew what the future holds/ After a hurricane comes a rainbow/ Maybe a reason why all the doors are closed/ So you could open one that leads you to the perfect road/ Like a lightning bolt, your heart will glow/ And when it’s time, you’ll know.” I really love this song and the messages it gives. It really says that if you want to make everyone happy, then you need to also be happy. Always try to light a spark in you and give yourself something to look forward to.  In the song, she says “come on let your colors burst” what she means by this is make yourself shine and there is no need to be embarrassed appreciate yourself as you are. The clip was almost 4 minutes, but in the short timing, the clip that was created for this song shows several different types of a topic of how a person is insecure and at the end of the clip shows how they over become it, just by facing what they have hidden from. And for that at the end of the clip, everyone that overcome the fear gathers together starting to dance with an optimistic vibe due to the fact that they don’t have fears anymore. The tone of the song is motivated. I show clearly how Katy Perry clearly wants everyone and including her fans to be happy and live a positive life.

Trainor, Meghan  “All About That Bass”


Meghan Trainor delivers positive pop music sending a message for females that are insecure about their body. Trainor mentions that girls don’t love themselves as much as they really should. In her song “All About The Bass,” she sends great messages such as “Yeah, my mama, she told me don’t worry about your size….You know I will be no stick figure silicone Barbie doll/ So if that what you’re into, then go ahead and move along.”  for Trainor send a message about beauty and how to love yourself is very important, mostly when it comes to teenage girls because they usually compare themselves to models and fake advertisement brainwashing those who are insecure about themselves to mold them into something that is unrealistic. Her letter is to allow all the girls to accept themselves from top to bottom in order for them to be happy. Even the song that she released showed all figured with different sizes, colors, and heights to provide in their mindset that it’s okay to not be perfect and we humans come in different figures.


Beyoncé Pop music – I’d Rather Go Blind

Has it ever crossed your mind the difference between people speaking compared to what they write? Writing can tell a lot about a person’s personality. By script, there are so many ways that you can describe your thoughts, such as music, diaries, text, email, and others. Music has been popular in this old industry and even in today’s society. There are so many types of music that people would listen to, such as Classical, Country, Jazz, Rock, Hip-Hop, Rap, and even more. Personally, I’m actually into pop music, but I don’t mind listening to rap music such as the rapper Eminem. Rap music is excellent for working out to speed up the heartbeat. Pop music is like a whole other story for me. It eases my mind, especially when you can relate to the song. The singer must show some motion in his or her music to connect with the idents. One of the movies that i watch in high school class project its called “Cadillac Records.” The reason why I wasn’t able to forget the film because of the lyrics from the song “I’d Rather Go Blind” by Beyoncé. Beyonce was pulling from her experience! That’s why she was able to sing that song with so much greatness and soul! That’s personal pain on her face, something she was going through with Jay Z at the time! The title song named after the most critical line in the lyrics shows how deep and intense the song is! Essential on the song for doing, people were struggling through relationship, family, school, or work. When you can have something and didn’t last for long, then you would understand this song! When that person has broken your heart into pieces! You would instead go blind than to see them walk away from you! This song I reserved almost 701k from around the world. Not all pop music are sad; many songs have different moods and feeling to it.

Literacy narrative

My name is Mayy raised and born in New York with three siblings. My great grandparents are the first immigrants that have arrived in America. My grandparents admire New York even though they were raised in Virginia and originally from Egypt. Growing up with a family that enjoys reading, such as my grandfather, mother, uncles, and siblings have nothing to relate with me. I remember visiting my uncle Ashraf during wintertime, and he would hold a dictionary book skimming through and memorizing all the words written in the dictionary. All I could think of that he must be bored or crazy. Having a younger brother that also relates to uncle Ashraf, and reads a dictionary as if its a journey. Not only my brother and my uncle are obsessed with reading the dictionary, but the same as it goes with my friends and family. However, I find it easier searching the words online then opening a dictionary.

I already know that I have no interest in reading or writing. Actually, in high school, I did have an interest in reading books only when i was trying to fall asleep. All the books assignment that has been given by a teacher are boring. It either talks about history war or nonfiction stories that have nothing to relate with me. I would always feel insecure writing an essay or submitting homework during my English class. I felt embarrassed asking my bothers to edit my works due to lack of grammar. However, I would pass my English class with an Average grade, but with my math and other subjects, I would get higher score grades. Thanks to my math skills, friends that didn’t have any struggle with English class, including my brothers, I would help them with math homework.

Today, I’m a different person when it comes to writing or reading, but the same person thinks that reading the whole dictionary and memorizing it is dull. Today, writing is the only way that I can express my emotions and not able to be interrupted. Working in an environment full of women that are adults and only gossip and not able to let other people finish their sentences have diving me nuts. My Coworkers are rude and don’t give the person the chance to speak for their complete thoughts. We have decided that we would only email each other to express our opinions and to have identification. It seems that writing has been beneficial and friendly to me. I guess I have been growing and finally understanding the purpose of writing and reading.

Apparently, books are not about being forced to read them and to get good grades in class, but also to educate you in life and make you wiser about the future. Malcolm X doesn’t relate to me when he reads the dictionary but refers to people that exist in my life. When Malcolm X mentioned how writing makes him feel free even though he was in prison, definitely reflected me. Books have been a great assistance in my life. It’s the only way that I could gather all my thoughts and able to express it. Not only writing but also reading as well. I have been educating myself on reading just the way Malcolm X did. It has made me look at the world from a different perspective. It also has lightened me in life with advice.

Inspiring things about “Only Daughter.” by Sandra Cisneros

Sandra Cisneros, the only daughter with six brothers that never supported her to continue her education and made a fool of her yet, has inspired me. According to her Passage, “Only Daughter.” Cisneros claims that her father was the only one that supported her at the beginning to get into college and continuing getting her education. But all he was thinking, that college was a perfect way for girls to get married. His thoughts never stopped Cisneros achieving her goals. Even when he said, ” Why would anyone go to college and then choose to be poor? Especially someone who had always been poor.” Cisneros continued her life being independent and proves her father that she was able to make a difference. During the holiday Cisneros came back home with a published book. She has given the book to her father for him to read her work and made sure that the book was in Spanish for him to be able to understand. As he finished reading, he asked for more copies to hand it out to his relatives. Cisneros inspires me to continue following my goals even when the closest ones are stopping me. And because of does people, that are disagreeing with my thoughts such as careers, education, or lifestyles. For them to be able to understand, I would have to prove and let them see the difference.

Personal Experience Essay

I was raised by heroes. Heroes who escaped the world of darkness to raise me in a world of hope and light. My parents Elbadry and Noura, are two of the bravest and unselfish people that I have ever had the privilege to know. Sacrificing everything to move to a new and strange land, they picked up and touched their entire lives to make sure that my life would be bursting with infinite opportunities. Being one of four children, I found it surprising how they were able to give equal amounts of love, understanding, and attention to all of us. It seems to be strange, but I believe they have more to offer.
My father works hard in this country. Some might even say that for a while, he struggled, and he did. Having lived through half your life already, and changing everything for the benefit of your family is not an easy task to adjust. It didn’t help that people in this country treated us differently because my parents didn’t speak or understand the language. Religion played a role, as Muslims we were hated upon and treated differently, working in a non-native country wasn’t easy. However, he endured and attempted that we thrived in this exotic country. As i watched my father work hard, while I didn’t do much as I grew up, I have tried my best on improving my self in school. One of my favorite subjects is math. Having to take an English class was a bet struggle for me just because i never liked to be told to read or write. i received an email from City Tech that accepted to the college, but first, need to take one semester at BEOC program to help me with my writing skills. Mr.Cameras inspired me on how to be in love with writing and educate me with reading. The girl that I was who had a headphone on and listened to music on the train every day now opens a book or randomly search something online to educate my self about life.