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For this work i Did the Paradigm Shift of a Car. I choose the car in order to show how it has developed so much over time. And how many new features it contains then the cars in the past. I have posted two images of brand new cars one is the Google car that drives on its own and also one of the new Chevy car that has 4G internet in it but in order to compare them i also Inserted a picture of a old car. and as well as a women so excited about buying her new car it shows how people are really excited about the new features the new cars have come out with.




OldCar1-glitched-a56-s34-i29-q6Transformation: “contrast-distort”


Drive Through Time

Drive Through Time

Jenny P.:Bio

Jenny is a freshmen starting at city tech with a Emerging media major. Jenny hopes to some day Work for companies like Disney or Pixar Animation Studios producing animated pictures. The strengths and skills jenny has now are that jenny will dedicate her self to her work until it isnt done she will not give up and thrive to do the best she can and solve the problem if any.  Jenny may have skills that would have to be her persistence and patients in her work. This is why jenny believes that Emerging Media can make this strengths better by allowing her curiosity and creativity  to flow more freely as we learn many more skills and practice them and make them in to something amazing.