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Andrew J. Charles: Algorithm

Each and every morning I start off the day by waking up, then taking a shower then eat breakfast along with checking my emails. Then I get everything prepared and start to get ready to leave for school. After a walk/run to my neighborhood train station I await the Q train to take me to Dekalb Ave. Eventually after waiting for so many stops I reach the stop, get off the train then go up the stairs to the entrance. Eventually I walk all the way to school or the building I need to be at after a long distance.

If I could create a device that can help reduce the time of me approaching many of the places I want to reach. I would go try and hope to make traveling on the MTA easier, as there are times that the trains come and leave without much announcement from the train station I live at. Along with the problem of trying to use my Metrocard that the scanner tends to delay with scanning.

Bio (AndrewJCharles)

Hello, I am Andrew Charles I am currently taking IMT1101 right now along other classes this semester at New York CityTech. This is my second semester I am taking right now since I had transferred from Kingsborough Community College after graduating back in June of 2014. Earlier this month on the 7th was my 22nd Birthday. I do hope I can do well and learn alot from this class among others to reach and achieve my goals in terms of working in the Game Design field. Which is why I have taken the Emerging Technology field for helping me to hopefully reach that goal as a first stepping stone.