Sean: QR Code Ideas

Idea description 1: My first idea is for a QR code that would be placed in historic landmark locations and allow a person to scan the code and get virtual directions to similar or chosen landmarks via their smartphone. It would be very helpful for tourists in major cities who want to visit multiple landmarks at once to have a sense of direction to other locations. In rural areas it could activate the phone as a type of compass to guide through unpathed areas.

Idea description 2: This idea could have multiple QR codes and would be used to send users a 2-dimensional map of the amenities surrounding them. If used in a city setting, the codes could be placed every certain number of blocks. This concept could even help with building number confusion, by displaying the number range of that block.

idea description 3: This concept would have a QR code on the ground floor of select buildings to allow people to be sent a stream of the view at the top of the building. This would give a live birds eye view of the city around them. The concept would require video camera installation at the top of the building which would upload that content onto the internet.

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