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Assignment 2 – Final

This piece is based on “Everything Sucks In Streaming Animation Right Now” by Gita Jackson in Vice.

Used this color palette for some warm tones, the Animation Industry is into flames right now, saying this is fine, in reality, it isn’t when their animation shows, movies, and their upcoming animated projects ended up canceled and stayed silent for no explanation why this animated show or an upcoming project got removed or canceled? It’s due to the lack of care and passion from the CEO that animation isn’t worthy anymore.

Assignment 2, Part 5

The inspiration for this work were from situations that I have seen of how people suffer from mental problems that can lead to mental problems. In addition to these people, in this case, some adolescents become antisocial creating a false life, however, that will torment them day by day.
For this project I decided to work in the traditional way, so the mediums I used were acrylic paints and a little watercolor with brushes.

Title: “Social media linked to rise in mental health disorders in teens, survey finds”

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