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Final Project Part 1

For the first two films I plan on illustrating for a film poster were my two choices, Pacific Rim, a 2013 live-action sci-fi, or a 2005 documentary based on an emperor penguin’s life, March of the Penguins.

I drew a word web for the research of their plot and then took it in both concepts combined. Pacific rim’s plot is when a sea monster comes from outer space and terrorizes the entire pacific ocean. A former Pilot and a trainee form a group to drive a special, destructive, and monstrous secret weapon to eliminate the sea monsters to save humanity and the world from the apocalypse. March of the Penguins plot is where a group of emperor penguins discovers their main goal and a new future: finding a mate and starting a happy family while striving hundreds of miles across Antarctica by foot. While trying to survive and return safely for their young in a harsh, icy -75 degree Fahrenheit (-60 degree celsius) weather and from their predators.

After receiving feedback from others, The landscape sketch in the left image on the top left would visualize well and not be similar to their official poster.

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