Where I’m From We eat….

Balut… Balut, is a delicacy in the Philippines, its considered as an aphrodisiac and high for protein. It is a fertilized duck embryo, boiled and served as street food. You can almost find this food anywhere in the Philippines. We usually eat it with salt and vinegar with some herbs to balance the flavor and texture. People have a tendency of liking the juice inside better than the embryo itself. the juice inside is very silky and savory. The embryo itself is developed and you can eat the chick, you need to spit out the bones though cause its inedible. Vendors usually carries a big basket bag to put the eggs and cover them with cloth to keep it warm. people have been very picky about this food cause it does not look appetizing at all, however sometimes this has been a measure of being a Filipino back in my country, if you can’t eat it, your not man enough yet, not a full Filipino yet.

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