The most important ideas were that franchising is a really good idea instead of starting your own business because it is less risky than starting your own company. Because you will have a restaurant or hotel with the name of a big company so a lot of people will come to your facility. Also if your business is having a little bit of trouble financially then the franchiser can help you out with some money to become stable. Of course, there are some negative aspects to it also like you have to stick with the contract and obey all of the laws that are required to be followed. You won't have much freedom to make other decisions because you have to do what the franchiser told you to do. One more idea is that there are many types of hotels like casino hotels, motels, B and B, Airport hotels, etc. Because there are many types of hotels you can decide to go to and go to any hotel that you may like. You may want to go to a budget hotel with decent amenities or you may want to go to a pricey hotel with the best accommodations like swimming pools. spas, room service, high-end restaurants, and many more or you may want to go to a place that is very affordable because you cannot afford regular hotels. There was also one more idea that it is a good idea to let other companies manage your hotel or restaurant especially big companies because you will be sure that because of them managing your hotel or restaurant it will be successful and you won't have to worry about getting financially unstable.