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Hello everyone, My name is Riley. I’m a 17-year-old teenager. Born in the Bronx and raised in the Bronx and Harlem. I attended high school at Food And Finance High School graduating with a CTE endorsed diploma, Advanced Regents diploma and with my NYC DOH Food Handlers certificate. In my time in high school I had a internship partnered with the Barclays Center. Basically me and 4 other students participated in a paid internship, managing a concession stand in the Brooklyn Market at the Barclays Center for all events from Feb 2022-June 2022. My major is hospitality management and I am kind of just testing the waters and seeing if this is something I would I actually be interested in. I have basic experience in the kitchen but would definitely love to get refreshed in the kitchen as my prime cooking years in school were taken away by covid-19. I enjoy the hospitality business because you’ll never know who you can meet and who you might work for. As you can see in my featured image there’s a picture with me and Kevin Love, He came to visit my school to compete in a cooking competition. When it comes to my interest in the hospitality business, i’m mostly interested in front of the house and management. My goals for the future is to open multiple restaurants serving different cultures foods.


  1. Danny Kraljev

    Its pretty cool how your school gave you an opportunity like that and how you graduated with your handlers certificate. Me and you both have the same interest with being the front of the house.

    • Riley Holguin

      Thanks Danny, I think its cool you and I both have interest in front of the house work.

  2. Ryan Edwards Williams

    its amazing you got a chance to meet Kevin love

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