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My name is Danny Kraljev and I am a first year student at City Tech. My major is Hospitality Management. I have always loved the food industry but what opened my eyes was when I started working in a restaurant and started to learn about different things and how to run the restaurant. I chose to do hospitality management because I like dealing with people on a day to day and I also love to cook. I’m not sure which way I want to go yet, being in front of the house or being in back of the house as people like to phrase it.

One of my personal strengths is that I’m confident in my work and that I don’t become stressed in a stressful situation. l mean by that if i feel that i have succeeded with what I have done, I will try to perfect it. Also when I am learning something new, I like to know everything I can about it and ask questions that way I know the best to my knowledge of what I am doing. I feel that in a stressful situation it is best to stop worrying and to take action on what can help the situation in a better timely manner.

I have chosen to put a photo from prom with 3 of my best friends. i believe that the people that you surround yourselves with help you develop as a person.

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  1. Riley Holguin

    Hey Danny, love the electronic profile man. Nice picture clean up real nice.

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