Jad Atoui – Final Project

For my final project,  I wanted to explore how to create interactive audio and visuals applications and how the 2 mediums can interact with each other.

i  used what i did for my midterm and decided to add some visuals to the sampler.

I used the visuals from http://www.generative-gestaltung.de/code to get a head start.

The main obstacle for me was audio control in processing. i tried various libraries like Minim and Beads, but each has their own shortcomings. Minim didn’t have any pitch control and beads was old and incompatible with the latest version of processing.

The SoundChannel class represents a single audio loop, with the ability to stop / play / change pitch.

First I set to create a single class for controlling the sound and the slider. But then i need to use the sliders to control the agents and the parameters for their behavior. So it seemed to make more sense to separate the slider in their own classes.

The Particles class creates and controls the agents and their behavior. This is controlled by a slider instance  calling a function directly on the particles instance and that required passing the particles instance to each slider in their constructor.

This doesnt feel like great design, but it worked out fine.

I was also hoping to add more variations to the visuals, like colors and maybe even switch between different variations but the time didnt permit to do so.

  • The slider class also had a reference to a SoundChannel object in order to modify the speed ot the sound. And now, the application became centered around the sliders. I guess it makes sense in a VJ or Digital audio tool that the control interface is the main focus, but i would like to have more separation between classes and use something like events.
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final project

I wanted to do a description of a book, and be able to upload and send png out of want insights i found out. i also wanted to add different strings , so it wont be that boring.

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Noah Ruede – Final Project

The program doesn’t embed properly, at least on my computer.  So below the program is an image as it should appear.


This was a very challenging project for me.  I had a particularly hard time creating interaction between the category buttons on the right, and the display of the corresponding images/banners/buttons in the middle.  The function for adding items to the shopping cart was also a challenge.

All in all, I completed the majority of what I set out to do, with one notable exception: the display and calculation of prices.  Obviously there is a way to display text and calculate totals, but I got tripped up and overwhelmed and simply could not get it working in time.  That said, considering there is only one part of my initial plan that didn’t come to fruition, I’m all and all pretty satisfied with the job I did.

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final project~~Jeremy White

So overall i’m happy with my project. i set out to make a game that looks similar to mix and match and had the same principles . The logic part was the most challenging ( thank you calli 🙂 ) but once that part was done everything else was easy. there were a few errors with timer which were really annoying and made me feel like processing was making my life harder than it is, but after figuring out the problem ( no idea what i did but hey..its programming ) the game went much better that expected but yeah it was fun. the only issue i have with it now is that once u find a picture and u find another that matches its instantly match with others that are in the other squares :(.

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Final project

int y =50;
String [] chapt = {
“Genesis1:26”, “Psalm82:6”, “zechariah12:8”, “luke17:20”, “stjohn 10:34 “, “IIcorinthians10:7”, “leviticus19;18”, “1st corinthians3;16”, “1stcorinthian2:11”, “revelation22:2\n zodiac is our heavenly newspaper”
String[] verses = {
“stjohn 10:34, jesus answered unto them is it not written in your law\n I have said yea are gods”, “luke17:20,and when he was demanded of pharises\nWhen the kingdom of god shall come\n He answered and said”,
“the kingdom of god cometh not with observation\n Neither shall they say”,
“lo here or lo there,\n For behold kingdom of god is within you”, “Psalm82:6,Sons of god”, “Genesis1:26,woman are goddess”,
“1stcorinthian3:16\n Dont you know you are temple of god”
// Bible verses
String []revel= {
“revel 21:3 i heard a great voice out of heaven saying\n behold the tabernacle of god is with men\n and he will dwell with them”,
“and they shall be his people\n and god himself shall be with them and be their god”,”revelation22:3In midist of the street of it\n and on either side of the river\nwas there the tree of life\n which bare twelve manner of fruits every month\n”
// String []command = {
“leviticus19:18thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself \n I am the LORD”, “1corinthian 2;11,For what man knoweth the things of a man”, “save the Spirit of MAN which is in him \n even so the things of God knoweth no man”, “but the Spirit of God”
“proverbs 20;27” “For what man knoweth the things of a man\n save the spirit of man which is in him?” “even so the things of God knoweth no man\n but the Spirit of God”, “stjohn4:24 god is a spirit\n and they that worship him\n must worship in spirit and in truth”
“Acts17:24,God that made the world and all things therein\n seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth\n dwelleth not in temples made with hands”
void write_word(String[] words) {
int n = int(random(words.length));
text(words[n], random(50, 150), y);
y = y + 30;

void new-sentence() {
y = 50;

void setup() {
size (500, 400);
void draw() {
void mousePressed() {
void keyPressed() {
int random_number = int(random(1000000));
save(random_number + “.png”)

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My final project is a Pac Man game.

i was able to complete what i wanted to do but with some minor changes. so obstacles i cam across was setting up of my arrays and how it was supposed to go and to make sure it fit nicely on the screen. the hardest part was the collision testing since i didnt really understand it. but when i figured it out it was no longer a problem. now the biggest issues i had was making my Pac Man not go through barriers which i set up but when i tried all my possibilities and could not get it to work. then i decided why not make the game into a multi-player game. since i figured out how to do collision i made a new class called the Buddy class and it was pretty much the same set up as how i have my Pac class so i turned my Barrier class into another Yummy class (still labeling it as barriers) and i was able to make the Buddy eat the barriers. how i have my game is now set up so the Pac Man eats the Yummy balls and the Buddy eat the Barriers. the controls are quiet simple. i ues the WASD set up where up is W, left is A, down is S, and D is right. for Buddy his controls are IJKL set up where up is I, left is J, down is K, and L is right. so now a person can play with a Buddy.

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Homework 12.2

break down of the final



x and y locations


the speed

a temp radius

the functions i want it to do is move up down left and right so i will input for different speed functions and then incorporate a key press in my main function


this would have to become and array list in my main code in my class i would need

2 temporary x and y locations

the width and height

i will also need another to set up another tempr because these will be eaten by my buddy class

i will need collision testing so when it does get eaten i will put it somewhere




by yummy class would have a similar set up as my Barrier class since these will also be eaten


would also be the same as my Pac class since these two will be the ones eating the Barriers and Yummys

in my main code i would incorporate my Yummy class and Barrier class into an array

in set up i would make the distance between each of the array so  it is evenly spaced out

in draw i would draw out all the items need to be displayed on to the screen and i will also incorporate my eating functions to delete parts of the array when either Pac eats a Yummy or Buddy eats a Barrier

finally i would make a key press for the controls of Pac and Buddy

Pac would be controlled with W(up)A(left)S(down)D(right)

Buddy would be controlled by I(up)J(left)K(down)L(right)

and this would be done by making move functions with in my Pac and Buddy classes

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Homework 13.1


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Chris Pro (beginings of my final project)

heres a link to the very first step of my final on open processing its supposed to be a memory matching game but for right now its pretty much similar to the assignment we had last week except with two rows :


im already starting to get stuck here is what i think i have to do to make this thing work

1) randomize the pictures in each row so that the answers are not directly underneath each other (not sure how to do this using arrays, maybe the other type of array you showed us yesterday?)

2) somehow tell the program to check if it is a match to keep the pictures showing otherwise flip back to a blank box (would this be in my button class, or in the first code tab?)

3) maybe add a timer so that you only have a little bit of time to complete it (this would be a new class that i would have to add to my program)

please let me know if theres anything else im missing


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Class Domino effect

Well since I am going to do a domino effect I should call my class with that name. The first thing I need  is to found out how many objects  i need for the domino effect. Second thing is what objects am i using.The two objects I will use is the rectangle that will be display as the dominos and the ball will be the cause of the domino to fall down. For my data there will be a rectX, rectY and etc. For the construction I will probably have a given value for my data but not too sure yet. Then for the function I will have a void collision and a void knockdown.  I will have a dozen of dominos in each column. The hard part about this is having the dominos falling from a ninety degree angle to a zero degree angle. Also i think need a for loop nest for my domino because i want to make a section of row where the domino can go into different direction.

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