Attendance – Attendance is expected at every class meeting. College policy sets the maximum number of permissible absences at 10% of the number of class meetings scheduled for the semester.  If you miss more than 3 classes you will automatically fail the course. Two late arrivals or early departures will count as an absence.

Academic Integrity – 

There will be times when you will work in groups but unless otherwise specified you must turn in your own work. Copying/pasting and re-using code is an essential part of learning how to program. You often learn best by modifying working examples rather than starting from scratch. This is fine- Processing is an open-source tool with an open source community supporting it. However, there is a very important rule: any code you borrow and/or modify must be labeled as such. That is, you must include, in your work, the name of the author, the source URL, and you must make clear which lines of code are not yours. If you fail to do this, you will fail the class.

Evaluation and Grading –

Homework                                          50%
Midterm Project                                 15%
Final Project                                        25%
Participation                                       10%
Total                                                   100%


Homework is clearly the most important part of your grade. When learning a new tool, it is of the upmost importance that you use that tool frequently. You are learning something new- you will make mistakes and this is ok.  If you keep up with your homework, you will do well in this course. All homework is to be turned in via the class blog (more detailed instructions are on their way). It is due before midnight the night before class so that I can review it before class time. Homework posted after midnight will be marked down. Homework will be graded from 0 to 4, corresponding roughly to a letter grade.

Storage Media — You must have a USB storage media. You cannot save assignments on lab computers.

Computer Policy – Every student in class will be at a computer workstation. Do not use this time to surf the internet, chat with your friends, or check Facebook. If I find you using the computer for non-class related use more than twice, you will be counted as absent.

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