Final Project

Your final project for this class is to create an interactive application using objected-oriented programming. Your project should be a creativeĀ implementationĀ of the computer programming skills we’ve learned this semester, to include:Ā variables, conditionals (IF/ELSE), iteration (FOR loops), Ā functions, arrays, and objects. Your project must contain at least 2 classes and at least one array, in addition to utilizing variables, user input, and conditionals.

You should try to complete everything you set out to do in your project proposal. You will be graded on how ā€œcompleteā€ your application is.


You MUST document your work on the blog. You will not receive any credit for the project if you only show it in class. For your blog post, write a summary of what you set out to create, what you were actually able to complete, and what challenges you ran into along the way. Upload your sketch to openProcessing and add a link to your application on the blog post.

Blog posts are due by 11:59pm, Thursday, May 23rd

In addition:

Late HW assignments for the second half of the semester (post-Spring Break) will be accepted for partial credit up until Thursday, May 23d.

Extra credit will also beĀ acceptedĀ until Thursday May 23d. If you are interested:

Create an account atĀ

Start theĀ Javascript track. Note, this is very similar to Processing, however you will occasionally come across different code syntax. Though it is good for you to see different syntax, note the differences between Javascript and Processing(Java) and try not to get confused.

Complete any or all of lessons 1 ā€“ 8 (each lesson is worth one missed HW assignment- more have been added since the midterm).

When you are ready to submit your extra credit, email me a link to your public profile on the site.

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