Chris Pro (beginings of my final project)

heres a link to the very first step of my final on open processing its supposed to be a memory matching game but for right now its pretty much similar to the assignment we had last week except with two rows :

im already starting to get stuck here is what i think i have to do to make this thing work

1) randomize the pictures in each row so that the answers are not directly underneath each other (not sure how to do this using arrays, maybe the other type of array you showed us yesterday?)

2) somehow tell the program to check if it is a match to keep the pictures showing otherwise flip back to a blank box (would this be in my button class, or in the first code tab?)

3) maybe add a timer so that you only have a little bit of time to complete it (this would be a new class that i would have to add to my program)

please let me know if theres anything else im missing


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