My final project is a Pac Man game.

i was able to complete what i wanted to do but with some minor changes. so obstacles i cam across was setting up of my arrays and how it was supposed to go and to make sure it fit nicely on the screen. the hardest part was the collision testing since i didnt really understand it. but when i figured it out it was no longer a problem. now the biggest issues i had was making my Pac Man not go through barriers which i set up but when i tried all my possibilities and could not get it to work. then i decided why not make the game into a multi-player game. since i figured out how to do collision i made a new class called the Buddy class and it was pretty much the same set up as how i have my Pac class so i turned my Barrier class into another Yummy class (still labeling it as barriers) and i was able to make the Buddy eat the barriers. how i have my game is now set up so the Pac Man eats the Yummy balls and the Buddy eat the Barriers. the controls are quiet simple. i ues the WASD set up where up is W, left is A, down is S, and D is right. for Buddy his controls are IJKL set up where up is I, left is J, down is K, and L is right. so now a person can play with a Buddy.

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