Late HW 11.2

For some reason my sketch does not want to show up on open so Calli I will e-mail you the code, plus my answers for HW11.1

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Final Project

For my final project I made a soccer/goalie game. That was my initial proposals except that i couldn’t add more players to make it more interactive.  But ended up making another goalie with more key press functions.  Below is the link or the actual frame of my work.

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late homework 11.2

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final project

int y =80;
String [] chapt = {
“Genesis1:26”, “Psalm 82:6”, “zechariah 12:8”, “luke 17:20”, “stjohn 10:34 “, “IIcorinthians 10:7”, “leviticus1 9;18”, “1 st corinthians 3;16”, “1stcorinthian2:11”, “revelation22:2\n zodiac is our heavenly newspaper”//


String[] verses = {
“stjohn 10:34, jesus answered unto them is it not written in your law\n I have said yea are gods”,
“luke17:20,and when he was demanded of pharises\n When the kingdom of god shall come \n He answered and said”,
“the kingdom of god cometh not with observation\n Neither shall they say”,
“lo here or lo there,\n For behold kingdom of god is within you”, “Psalm82:6,Sons of god”, “Genesis1:26,woman are goddess”,
“1st corinthian3:16\n Dont you know you are temple of god”
// Bible verses
String []revel= {
“revel 21:3 i heard a great voice out of heaven saying\n behold the tabernacle of god is with men\n and he will dwell with them”,
“and they shall be his people\n and god himself shall be with them and be their god”,
“revelation22:3In midist of the street of it\n and on either side of the river\nwas there the tree of life\n which bare twelve manner of fruits every month\n”
String[]command = {
“leviticus 19:18”, “thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself\n I am the LORD”,
“1corinthian 2:11 For what man knoweth the things of a man”
, “save the Spirit of MAN which is in him \n even so the things of God knoweth no man”, “but the Spirit of God”, “proverbs 20:27 For what man knoweth the things of a man\n save the spirit of man which is in him”
, “even so the things of God knoweth no man\n but the Spirit of God”, “stjohn4:24 god is a spirit\n and they that worship him\n must worship in spirit and in truth”
, “Acts17:24,God that made the world and all things therein\n seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth\n dwelleth not in temples made with hands”
void write_word(String[] words) {
int n = int(random (words.length));

textSize(random(20, 40));
text(words[n], random (50, 150), y);
y = y + 30;

void new_sentence() {
y = 80;

PFont f;
void setup() {

size (600, 400);
void draw() {

void mousePressed() {
void keyPressed() {
int random_number = int(random(1000000));
save(random_number + “.png “);


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class BouncingBall {
//Declare the data variables
color c;
int x;
int y;
int speed;

//Initialize data variables
BouncingBall() {
c = color(175);
x = 0;
y = 100;
speed = -1


//Write out the bouncing ball functions
move() {
x = x + speed; // Change the x location by speed

// A function to bounce the ball
bounce() {
// If we’ve reached an edge, reverse speed
if ((x > width) || (x < 0)) {
speed = speed * -1;

// A function to display the ball
display() {
ellipse(x, y, 32, 32);

} //close Bouncing Ball class

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Final Project

The final project was to make a Domino effect by using the ball as the cause of the domino to fall. The plan was to have the ball hit the center of the first domino and then the timer will turn on and makes the domino rotate as they are falling; plus having them in rows and columns. When the dominos fall to a 90 degree angle, thats when the  picture will show up and it would probably  said “Thank You”. This project was my own worst enemy but actually my  learning process at the same time. It was hard to figure out the reason why my timer would start so early but  the help from my professor it occurred to me that i needed more practice. Though i did getted it to rotate and seeing it  in a good angle to see the dominos to  fall. While doing this project i started to understand the true meaning of coding, at first i didn’t really quite get  the if statement,boolean, and etc  but doing this project i started to understand. This project actually help me understanding my weakness and finding out my good strength.

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Final Project

For some reason when I try to embed my sketch on here in the Html section of my post it doesn’t show up on the blog and it get’s erased so if you want to see my code go to:

For my Final Project I wanted to make a simple racing game. I wanted a red car that the player controls while avoiding on coming traffic. The player keeps playing until he/she collides with another car. I did do most of what I wanted to create. A car that moves with the arrow keys, a road, roadmarks that repeat, on coming traffic that repeats, and when a collision happens both cars stop moving and it’s game over. On Tuesday after class I ending up saving over my final with a broken code so I had to start over, luckily I had another draft so that I wouldn’t start over from scratch. But since I did start over, I didn’t have the time to add a score system which I did have ,a reset feature, and the blue square was suppose to also collide with the red car and contain an image(it was my bike class). Something that I wanted to do was have the oncoming traffic move down the screen at random x locations, different cars, and random speed. Other than the starting over the problems I came across were the collision testing (setting up the xpos+wid &gt; truck.xpos, that type of stuff), because I just couldn’t wrap my head around it for a while. I also couldn’t figure out how to stop the objects from moving after the collision. I had a lightbulb moment and felt really dumb afterwards when I realized all I had to do was multiply the speed variable by 0. Then I got stuck trying to make a vehicle class to use as an array for my different cars to move down the screen at different locations and speeds and then time just ran out.

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Final Blog Post: This sure brings a tear to my eyes…

So, for my final project, I wanted to do a platform game with side scrolling action in which the screen would just follow your player and proceed from start to finish. Well, I got the fundamentals down.

I managed to get the base of the player to detect the platform, and recognize them enough to jump platform to platform. The catch? I managed to make my character’s jump seem like the pursuit of flight. Although it’s not very much of a pursuit as he/she can definitely succeed if you try. Or not try.

What I can try to do and pursue to change it is to fix that problem with the jump. I could also try and look into the whole side-scrolling mechanic and maybe put more effort into it. It may seem simple but I was really proud to even get it to land on a bloody platform.

I would just like to say thank you to Calli and to the class. Before the class, my general impression of coding is similar to the concept of ripping open the cranium and jam the pulsating brain into the microwave and watch it spark and melt with the radiation. But now, I would have to say that I feel the same way, but you made it seem fancy. And that’s a step forward. I guess. So thank you very much for opening my eyes. I’ve learned.

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Final Blog Post. Ashlee


For My Final Project I Wanted To Make The Game Bricks Breaker Just Like The Game Off Of The Blackberry Phone.

 I Set Out To Create The Basic Purpose Of The Game. Break All The Bricks With The Ball. All Though I didn’t Make My Game As Advanced As the Regular Game with multiple Levels, I Was Able To Create What I Set Out For. At First I Didn’t Think I Would Have Been Able To Complete The Game because i did face a few issues.

A Few Problems I Was Faced with While Making the game was the alignment of the bricks and the collision testing. Making The Class For The Paddle, The Ball And The Brick Object it Self Was pretty easy. When It Came Down To Putting The Bricks In An Array List Was Where I Began To Face The Difficult Issues. Because The Arraylist Allows you to add and remove objects with different interaction i thought that would be the best choice of code to use, I had problems with the for loop of the array list for the bricks because it was hard in the beginning understanding how to use the i variable in the array list with the rows and col for each object but i was able to eventually figure it out.

I also had a problem trying to do the collision testing with the paddle and the bricks against the ball. because the ball uses radius unlike the rectangle objects it was a bit more confusing, but with help i was also able to tweak the collision test for the ball and paddle and use that to help with the paddle and bricks collision test as well and use the array list to remove the bricks with the collision of the ball and bricks.

All in All i was able to create a very simple version of the game but it did exactly what it was suppose to do && Im pretty happy with the outcome and the completion of the game.



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Final Project

Open Proccessing didn’t upload the sketch properly again.

But what I set out to do was make a simple interactive story. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do the routes like I had originally planned. (There’s just too many things to draw.) But it’s probably a side project that I would like to continue in the future. (According to some people, Python is a much better program to use for this kind of thing than Processing so I’ll look into that.)

And I created an album for all of the images I’ve used in this program.

The name of the image is in the title.

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