Homework 12.2

break down of the final



x and y locations


the speed

a temp radius

the functions i want it to do is move up down left and right so i will input for different speed functions and then incorporate a key press in my main function


this would have to become and array list in my main code in my class i would need

2 temporary x and y locations

the width and height

i will also need another to set up another tempr because these will be eaten by my buddy class

i will need collision testing so when it does get eaten i will put it somewhere




by yummy class would have a similar set up as my Barrier class since these will also be eaten


would also be the same as my Pac class since these two will be the ones eating the Barriers and Yummys

in my main code i would incorporate my Yummy class and Barrier class into an array

in set up i would make the distance between each of the array so  it is evenly spaced out

in draw i would draw out all the items need to be displayed on to the screen and i will also incorporate my eating functions to delete parts of the array when either Pac eats a Yummy or Buddy eats a Barrier

finally i would make a key press for the controls of Pac and Buddy

Pac would be controlled with W(up)A(left)S(down)D(right)

Buddy would be controlled by I(up)J(left)K(down)L(right)

and this would be done by making move functions with in my Pac and Buddy classes

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