Class Domino effect

Well since I am going to do a domino effect I should call my class with that name. The first thing I need  is to found out how many objects  i need for the domino effect. Second thing is what objects am i using.The two objects I will use is the rectangle that will be display as the dominos and the ball will be the cause of the domino to fall down. For my data there will be a rectX, rectY and etc. For the construction I will probably have a given value for my data but not too sure yet. Then for the function I will have a void collision and a void knockdown.  I will have a dozen of dominos in each column. The hard part about this is having the dominos falling from a ninety degree angle to a zero degree angle. Also i think need a for loop nest for my domino because i want to make a section of row where the domino can go into different direction.

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