Noah Ruede – 13.1

Map class

Will create the images making up the maps, and include functions to display the sections, and to add a red shade to the corresponding area whenever an image in the category in the category selection area is moused over.  Images and functions will be loaded into a map array.

Will create a category selection class, which creates images for each category, and up and down arrow buttons which move the categories up and down as a means of selection.  Images will be loaded in via a category selection array.

Will create a category class, which displays the images and information for a given section.  As different categories are selected, the appropriate images and information will be relocated to display accordingly.  There will be a display function, a function to input the amount desired of an item, an add to card function, and a function which displays the total given the number inputted multiplied by the price.

Will create a shopping list class which displays the names/images/amounts/prices of each object selected and loaded in from the category class.  Will have a function for calculating the total price of all the products selected.

Each of the elements of the different class will be loaded in as arrays.  There will have to be void keypressed and void mouseovers to handle the functionality of certain objects.

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