Major Assignment 2

Solo Platforms


For this project the main objective was to draft flats based on the design drawing for the show Ninety. The purpose of this assignment was to design a platform that will be used in this show similar to the Solo flats assignment this is meant to prepare us in problem solving rather the focus being on platforms rather then flats.


The way I approached this assignment was by first creating the overall shape of the platform which is a 16’x16′ platform on a 1’2″ raised level.

The only concern was what type of platform would work best for this type of show. Would a step platform work better then a trisect platform or would a trisect platform would work better?


The Solution that I had towards this platform project was to use a step ladder platform as it is the most common type of platform that is also the easiest to build . Reason I didn’t go for the trisect design is because of the height as well as the added materials needed in order to build such a platform. As the platform was a total of 16’x16′ the easiest solution was to build a total of 8 4×8 platforms.



As for application for future uses I can use the software AutoCAD at a much faster rate as this project made me more familiar in understanding the software such as learning the shortcuts needed to perform the task much faster.  Not only that but also based on feedback from Professor McCullough I also learned what went wrong with my drawings as the section view not having the leg plan which I needed to include. As well as learning the standard nail and bolt types needed for platform.