Molding Lab

Molding Lab


For this lab assignment  the main objective was to cut pieces of molding that was given to us as well as attaching it the provided flats. The purpose of this assignment was to familiarize ourselves with the chop saw that the school provided. Not only that it also allowed us to practice cutting molding in order to fit in the flats that was provided.


The way I approached this assignment was by cutting the longest piece of that was needed in order to attach the wall. After this I would then mark which pieces need to attach to the flat. After that I decided to re-familiarize myself with the chop saw as it has been a while since I’ve used such an equipment.


The end product of the molding lab assignment wasn’t the best. The reason as to why I say this is because some of the pieces didn’t fit exactly right on the flat. Some of the pieces where also not cut to the length that they needed to be in. Not only that but it was also pointed out the it wasn’t leveled correctly as the longer piece seemed to be on an angle rather then being straight. Overall the feedback that I received from Professor McCullough helped me understand how my approach was wrong. And what I can do to better improve future cuts.


As for application for future uses based on the feedback that I received from the Professor McCullough is that for one measuring the amount needed for molding is not necessary. Not only that but I was also able to improve how to use the chop saw its a tool that I never used before. Not only that but I also learned the effective way to cutting molding which is to always to cut with the flat side on the rail as it’ll have more consistent cut as well as always linking together with other pieces perfectly. I felt more confident in my cuts after the feedback that was given to me.