Lab Assignment Flat Installation

Flat Installation


For this assignment it was a collaborative team project rather then a solo project which took over the course of 1 class day. The assignment was rather simple which was to install a total of three flats . The objective was to see how well do we work as a group as well as learning the different tasks that are needed in order to install a flat.


The  first objective  that my group did was to spike the floor with a chalk line this allowed us to understand where the flats needed to be placed. Afterword’s once the flats were placed we had to make sure it was flushed with each other. Afterwards we proceeded to do the following steps.

  1. Drill holes at every two feet in the Stiles .
  2. Installed bolts and washers to connect them.
  3. Fastened the bolts with a ratchet or wrench.
  4. Installed wooden clips to connect flats together.

Once all Flats where  fastened the next course of action was to screw the flats into place. We proceeded to do the following steps.

  1. Two members pushed the flat up using the faces of the flats. While another acted as an anchor.
  2. Aligned the flats to the line of the was spiked in the beginning of the class.
  3. Once the flats were aligned one team member  was task  to screw it into place with an impact gun.
  4. And lastly the jack was installed to hold the flats in place.

Once the Flats were all installed what we analyzed it as well as point out any mistakes that were in noticeable. Such mistakes included.

  1. The order in which the holes were drilled in the first place.
  2. The slight angle issue that was present in the final product as if you looked at the flat from the side you would see the flats slightly going off into an angle.

As for application for future uses I can install flats at a slightly faster rate because I now have experience installing flats. The way I can approach this is by making a plan list which will have all the steps needed for me to install a flat. As well as what tools will be needed in order to install a flat such as an impact gun, bolts, nuts, washers, a wrench and ratchet. I will be able to work on a flat as to not step on its face but rather walk on the framing.