Scene Analysis


To better understand Medea one of the main things that needed to be done first was the scene analysis of the whole play. This way it would allow me to better understand the emotion that each scene carries onto  the character. This was also important because the script that I found had the play oriented in a way that would have no breaks in between and would run in one solid take.

Not only that but it was also important to find out what was needed for the play in general such as props , furniture, Wardrobe . This type of information is important because  light reacts differently depending on the surface that it is touching. So because of this scene analysis it allowed me to understand what the context of the each scene plays out, the type of environment that the script is located in , whether the usage of props will be needed. 

The Scene analysis also helped me figure out which moments in Medea were of importance. Such as which part of the scripts will Medea or even the Chorus will recite their soliloquy. 

Medea Scene Breakdown