Major Assignment 1

Solo Flats


For this project the main objective was to draft flats based on the design drawing for the show Core Value by Steven Levenson. The purpose of this assignment was to choose a section of flats whether it be the East Wall or West Wall. Both walls offer different level of specialty’s. The East Wall was more dedicated for those who want a bit of a challenge. Whilst the West Wall was for those who feel like they need a bit more practice on AutoCAD. For this Assignment I choose the East wall as I am more comfortable with the software.


The way I approached this assignment was by first creating the overall shape of the Flats needed. For Example the East Wall needed a door frame to be build as well as have space in order to place window panels. From their I would then approach the smaller flats that make up the side walls. Of course other Flats were easy to build Such as Wall Elevation A which consist of 2 4X 7’11” Flats.


Some of the issues what appeared during the drafting process would be Elevation Wall B which consists of a door as well as a Window frame for the acrylic blocks that where needed to be placed in that same flat. The issue was knowing how to split the door frame as well as having that frame not interfering with the window frame. Not only that but for the window frame it needed to be constructed in a way that allows the flat to support the weight of the acrylic blocks.


The Solution that I had towards this flat project was constructing the Door Frame in three separate section rather then constructing one solo frame for the door which would hinder the window flat from being constructed. As for the window frame that will hold the glass panels it will be built as one solo frame rather then separate pieces. Once I finished the flats  it was a matter of connecting them as pieces of a puzzle which ended up working.



As for application for future uses I can use the software AutoCAD at a much faster rate as this project made me more familiar in understanding the software such as learning the shortcuts needed to perform the task much faster.  This project also allowed me to being able to draft flats that may vary in different shapes as well as understanding how I would need to construct them. Overall this Solo Flat Assignment taught me various problem solving skills that are needed in constructing Flats.