Culmination Project

Culmination Project Description

Medea Scenic and Lighting Design.

For my Culmination Project what I decided to do was make  a stage and lighting design for the Greek Play Medea by Euripides. The premise of this project was to learn the ins and out of scenic design but also to learn about the process of lighting a stage  for such theatrics.

What inspired me to take this route for my culmination was because I took a scenic design course as well as a lighting design class during my time at City Tech. Throughout the semester in which I took them classes I grew a big interest of what type of knowledge goes into it. For example in Scenic Design it was more on how to approach designing a set from what the script describes to what the general synopsis talks about. Another reason was with scenic design their are many ways to create an environment and that every idea can turn into something.

In terms of the lighting aspect I’ve always been interested in lighting since entering this department. And over of my time on this department learning various skills for what’s needed in the entertainment field I always enjoyed the lighting aspect. What inspired me to take the lighting design approach for this culmination project was because I want to pursue a lighting design career. And by understanding the fundamentals and more advance knowledge would help me down the line.
Over the course of this open lab section you will find all the work that I accumulated over the course of this Fall 2021 semester.