Platform Installation Lab

Platforms Installation


For this assignment it was a collaborative team project rather then a solo project which took over the course of 1 class day. The assignment was rather simple which was to install triscut platforms as well as install a step build platform . The objective was to see how well do we work as a group as well as learning the different tasks that are needed in order to install a platform.


The  first objective  that my group did was to spike the floor with a chalk line this allowed us to understand where the studs needed to be placed. Afterword’s once the studs were placed on the floor . We proceeded to screw the stud walls to the floor using an impact gun.

Once the stud walls were placed we proceeded to install two 4 ‘x4’ triscut. We used the following steps.

  1. Two members screws the triscut on the stud walls using the impact gun and a screw.
  2. We also used a shim in order to space out the platforms by 1/8″.
  3. Afterwards we installed a total of two 2’x4′ triscut platforms to the right of the 4’x4′ platforms . Following the first two steps.

Not only that we also installed one 4’x8′ step legged platform. The installation was rather simple in which we used carriage bolts to join the legs to the platforms . The only tools needed for this was a wrench, ratchet , nuts , bolts and washer.

Problem and Solution

One of the problems that occurred was that a screw got stuck in the platforms. Not only that was the spinning of the drill bit caused the top of the screw to loose its pattern as well as making it hot. So the solution to this problem was to use a vice grip. With the usage of a vice grip we were able to remove the screw.


As for application for future uses I can install platforms in the scenery that will work for them. I have a better grasp into what goes into installation such as where the screws need to be placed on the stud walls. I will also be approaching any installation of platforms by having the proper tools in hand such as an impact gun and wrenches . But as well as using an emergency safety measure such as the vice grip that was needed to pull out the stuck screw.