Homework 1 “Food is Life!!!!!”

My opinion on food and pictures being taken of food it is phenomenal how it is now a big tread in our lifestyle now and days. There are so many different picture being taken on food each and everyday. “A picture is worth a thousands words” I mean this can be really cheesy to here at times but it is absolutely true knowing how many signs with out even reading a description that you can already see from someone picture whether it is food or not. I personally take photo of food when it is a traditional Mediterranean cuisine that my mom would make occasionally for guest and it would look out standing on the way the food would be set up on the table. Just knowing as well how social media have exposed people art of food on photograph made them very popular for there work like Javier Garcia who takes photos on what he eats weekly having fans of his work from all the way to Ecuador is amazing and I can only imagine what I can also do as well with the technologies we have in social media and the most delicious foods that I eat every day!

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