Vanessa Campos: Food Photography

From the moment I got my first camera phone, I began to capture moments of my daily life in pictures, including what I ate. Snapping pictures of my food has become an irresistible habit, with the pictures appearing on my social media accounts within minutes. If it’s not on my Twitter account, it will appear on my Snapchat. It’s only a matter of time before my friends comment and ask where I am or mention how appetizing it looks. Somehow, it makes me feel slightly better about swiping my poorly funded debit card. With just one picture and a few friendly comments, the way you appreciate your food increases and makes you want to return to an establishment. Although Food Photography doesn’t seem like an important field or activity, it can easily make anyone’s business boom. Without a doubt, Social media is the most powerful form of advertisement. Art is one of the most popular things shared on these websites. Many people may not consider Food Photography as a serious form of art, but when one takes into account the work that goes into photographing these foods, one makes the realization that the only thing that’s different is the object on the other side of the lens. image

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