24 hours at aliena feels like 24 hours at aliena!!!!!!!

After watching this video I was so amazed at so many things one of them would be the pace of these workers were moving it was outstanding to me wishing me and my other classmates in Professor Garcelon class can clean up after class just like them. All of the workers were on there feet cooking, cleaning, serving for 8 hours or more a day is  impressive working as a team to get things done. Another thing that also caught my attention was the decorating that the chefs were doing to the food being patience to make it perfect and also fast as well so the guest can have there food already. The offices upstairs of the restaurant who handles the shipments for food delivery makes a good job taking phone calls and making notes on what the seller has to offer. If I was a health inspector checking up on this restaurant I would most definitely give this restaurant five stars and also an “A” for how hard these employee work to make aliena as perfect as It can be.

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