UNIT 2, Day 7: Wed. April 6th

1. Read “Using Sources Ethically” by Marcia Muth and respond to the Questions below. 

  • Choose one to two pieces of information that you found interesting or learned from reading this piece? Why was it interesting? Explain!
  • How can you use what you learned to help as you begin to write your feature articles?

2. Choose a Mentor Feature Article! (Remember it can be one of the class texts!)

3. Begin to find information to Quote, Summarize and Paraphrase from in your sources. You have already written some summaries, you may want to write more!


  • Look through your sources
  • Think about your Research Questions  (Your KWL Chart!)
  • Find AT LEAST one quote from your sources that you think meets the criteria of what to quote. Highlight it!
  • Introduce it using a signal word (he argued, she said, etc).
  • Think about WHY you would quote from this source and not paraphrase or summarize the section.


  • Look through your sources.
  • Think about your Research Questions. 
  • Find at least one place in one of your sources that you would like to try to paraphrase and then paraphrase the section!
  • Explain WHY you would paraphrase this section (not quote it or summarize it).


  1. Abdul Ikhlaq

    One piece of information I found interesting in the article “Using Sources Ethically” by Marcia Muth was about plagiarism. I was always told in school that plagiarism was bad and never tolerated. I never understood what could happen if you do take credit for someone else’s work. Marcia goes over them clearly and was something I never knew such as getting kicked from your school. “serious consequences – failing a paper, failing a course, or being
    dismissed from the institution”. Something I learned after reading the chapter and want to apply to project 2 is being a credible researcher. Instead of using sources online I want to push myself to grab a physical book and cite information from there. I find this important so us students don’t get too attached to the internet.

  2. Tehmina Imanat

    One piece of information I found interesting in the article “Using Sources Ethically” by Marcia Muth was about looking for the Details. I found this part the most interesting because the details we use to include in our writing are what make our writing strong. The details support and strenth our claims. The author explains that using the right details is key. each detail is written and resented in a certain style. I will use this in my writing by portraying my details in a certain style that is undertale and well written.

  3. Diana

    A piece of information I found interesting was when the author talks about plagiarism. I use to think that copying and pasting someones work was viewed as wrong but thats it. But when reading the text I was able to learn that it is punishable and can go as far as getting you expelled from your school. I learned that I have to look for credible sources and not just anything that i see online. I want to be able to talk about my topic confidently and that starts with doing in depth research.

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