Unit 2, Day 5: Mon. March 28th

HOMEWORK DUE Wednesday, MARCH 30th Complete the sheet below for AT LEAST 2 Sources (preferably ALL 4!) 

PROJECT 2 – Source Analysis and Evaluation Sheet! 


Write a Brief Summary / Description 

Write a short (2-3 sentence) summary or description of your source. A summary describes what the source is mostly about– its thesis or main idea. 

You should: 

  • Captured the author’s ideas accurately and succinctly
  • Avoided inserting your own ideas/ opinions (we want to hear what the AUTHOR thinks/says)
  • Avoided plagiarism (borrowing words/ ideas that are not your own)

Identify and Analyze Genre and Rhetorical Situation (audience/ purpose)

Genre: What is the GENRE of the piece. Be VERY specific (ex. not just article, but feature article)

Audience: Who is the intended audience? Explain. How does the author hope the reader will react? Is the genre or format of the source the author chose the appropriate format to reach the intended audience?

Identify and Analyze Rhetorical Appeals (ethos, pathos, logos)

How does the author establish their credibility (ethos)?

How does the author appeal to the audience’s emotions to help persuade them


How does the author use logic (facts, data, statistics) to help convince the audience (logos)?

Analyze Author’s Craft (how the author presents the message-tone, style)

An analysis of the author’s craft looks carefully at how and why the author presents the information.

  • What is the tone of the piece (formal, academic, serious, humorous, scientific, etc.)
  • What is the author’ style (for example, does author use figurative language, descriptions)

Evaluate EACH SOURCE for Credibility


  • Who is the author?
  • Is the author recognized as an expert on the topic? 
  • Is there a bibliography? If so, who is listed? Are the sources listed reputable sources?


  • What is fact or opinion in the text?
  • What are the main ideas and arguments ? Are the arguments backed up with sound reasoning and evidence?
  • Do you agree with the ideas in the text based on your own knowledge?
  • Is it a primary, secondary, or tertiary source?
  • Can you find other credible sources that confirm the same information?


  • Where does this information come from? Where was it published? (website, organization, magazine, newspaper, etc.)
  • Did a reliable source link me to this site? (For example, did you find it on Google or on the CityTech Library?)


  • When was it published?
  • Is it up to date?


  • Why did the author/ producer publish this? (Think PURPOSE)
  • Does the author / text appear to be selling something?
  • Is there an obvious agenda or bias?


  • How is the material presented?
  • Is the text well edited and free of errors?
  • Is the formatting well designed and professional looking?
  • How is the subject described?


  1. Tehmina Imanat

    Project 2- Source Analysis and Evaluation

    “National Poll: Pandemic Negatively Impacted Teens’ Mental Health” By Beata Mostafavi
    Summary: This text is about how the pandemic has caused teens’ mental health to worsen and parents had been noticing it. The author states, that due to the lack of social interaction, teens have increased anxiety. The author uses data and statistics to prove his claim about how isolation caused teens to struggle.
    Genre: Informative article
    Audience: Teens that have been affected due to the pandemic
    The author uses logs in this text by providing data charts, numbers, surveys, and statistics.
    “46% of parents say their teen has shown signs of new or worsening mental health condition since the start of March 2020” (Mostafavi,1).
    Tone: Formal and academic
    Style: Short paragraphs, images, citation links, and quotes.

    “’Striking’ impact of COVID-19 pandemic on adolescent mental health” By Meredith Deliso
    Summary: This text is about how doctors have been noticing young adults struggle more due to the pandemic. Negative thoughts and emotions had increased since the start of the pandemic. The author explains how the numbers have been increasing every day since Covid and it is noticed by family members, doctors, and school staff.
    Genre: News article
    Audience: Teens that have noticed a change within themselves.
    The author uses quotes from data charts from doctors and hospital data to prove his point
    “I am worried about our children,” Dr. Vivek Murthy, the surgeon general, said during a recent White House briefing. “[Our] kids have been struggling for a long time, even for this pandemic.”
    Tone: formal and academic
    Style: Short paragraphs, images, captions, additional links and quotes.

  2. Kaylee Castaneda

    Source analysis evaluation: Healthdirect.org

    The author is describing tips and ways to stay motivated and to change our daily routine to enhance our day. The genre can be informative and the audience is people struggling with motivation and depression. This can be for both teens and adults as well. The author establishes credibility by giving medical tips from a health direct website. It also links them to reach for health or professional tips as well. One example given is “it takes 3 months to develop a habit according to statistics… Finding mentors is good and finding momentum going like a routine.

  3. Rickey Bryant

    “Gun violence spikes in New York City intensifying debate over policing “

    The genre of this is a news article I know it is because it doesn’t have any options and it just explores the issues.

    The style of this text: long paragraphs ,pictures

    The attendant audience of this is all is the polices and all the gang members that are out there.They are not caring about people it’s no good to keep shooting people who have amazing future ahead.

    This is a ethos is because this is showing me many facts of key points.This is also a pathos is because uses intervene to make points but also a emotional.

    The tone of this is very serious is because there are a lot of people that are dying out here gang members and polices out there are not caring.

    “Reducing gun violence in New York City”

    The genre of this piece is a data bits webpage

    The style of this short paragraphs, tables of shooting

    The attendant audience for this is for all the criminal out there who are trying to kill people in nyc

    This a ethos is because the author explains many key points of what’s going on.This is also a pathos of the texts is that it’s a lot of emotions it’s sad that people are being killed it’s not fair for them.

    This tone is a serious of this texts is because this for all gang members or polices or criminals this needs to end because there are many kids teenagers adults are trying to have a successful life and career and it’s being taken away because of the shooting.

  4. Mushfiq Alam

    Is Google Making Us Stupid? Essay
    The essay explores the downsides of using Google as a resource. It poses the question if the ease of access to the search engine may potentially make our understanding of topics slower to achieve.

    Why can’t we focus during this pandemic?
    The article explores why a person may not be able to focus as a result of the quarantine situation caused by covid. It delves into how social relations and isolation may cause a general lack of focus.

    What Makes You Unable to Concentrate?
    The article explores the experiences of getting tested as an adult for ADHD. It runs through the basic procedures such as getting a diagnosis but also delves into past experiences as it may contribute to the development of the disorder as well.

    What Makes You Unable to Concentrate?
    The article explores multiple reasons as to why an individual may be unable to focus. Our attention is brought to the medical and psychological reasons such as ADHD or anxiety.

  5. Diana

    Psychosocial factors and pre-abortion psychological health” the authors Julia R. Steinberg, Jeanne M. Tschann, Dorothy Furgerson, and Cynthia C. Harper
    This article addresses how having a partner can help women feel better but at the same time the stigma starts when getting a consultation and being in the waiting room of a hospital. The author explains that women feel judged from the moment they walk in. It can be a very lonely processes if they have no support. I found it interesting that the author focused on how people view abortions and say some people probably think this is selfish.Some may think that women only care about their instant gratification and judge them but never ask are they ok.

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